How Employee Monitoring Increases Productivity

Guest Post -How Employee Monitoring Increases Productivity

Coworking spaces sound fun until you realize most of your team is not being completely productive due to constant distractions. Keeping your head in the game can be tough when there are people talking on the phone, having lunch, and chit-chatting around the office.
However, it doesn’t mean that moving into a private office will fix this problem. As Martina Andjelkovic, CEO of Snajka found out – a private office with open space can increase productivity issues.

Tackling Lack of Productivity with Monitoring

She quickly realized that their problems weren’t resolved, so she turned to gamification in order to try and tackle the lack of productivity.
Martina invented a ‘productivity marathon’ game and installed an employee monitoring softwareRead the rest


Questions to Break the Procrastination Cycle

We live in such an extremely fast paced world, that it is no surprise most people struggle to keep up with the daily demands.  Having challenges with work life balance is now the norm. In fact, it is actually admirable if you have it all worked out! The truth is most people are unable to manage their time in a way that actually allows them to get everything done. I can understand that if you haven’t done a time management course or training, it isn’t always obvious you are managing your time ineffectively. However, there is one common time management challenge that doesn’t require training or skills, and that is kicking yourself into action when you procrastinate.  We all know about procrastination!

The biggest Read the rest


5 Software Programs to Save You Time and Improve Your Productivity

Every company could do with saving time and improving productivity, and one of the easiest ways to do this is to upgrade some of the software programs your company uses. Technological developments have meant that business software solutions can vary with various functions, but through the combination of a few of these programs, they can significantly save time for you and your colleagues and improve your overall company productivity. Here are a few software programs you should consider using to improve the day to day efficiency and running of your company.

PDFelement for Business

If your company deals with a lot of PDF files, then this program can help you save time when editing or managing a lot of documents at once. It is Read the rest