Starting out and why it´s so important to be clear on your vision!

If we want to stay inspired and focused to pursue our dreams, we need specific goals! Putting a plan together is one of the most important steps to getting where you want to be and it starts with a vision. Be specific about what you want to achieve, if your starting point is vague this will only make your ending point vague too!

You need be so clear on what you want, your vision, that you can see it when you close your eyes! If you are not clear on what you want, how will you know when you get it? Or how will you know if you don´t get it? If you go to a travel agency for example and you ask for a … Read the rest


How Your Mindset Affects Your Success!

Before everything else, getting ready is the secret of success!
– Henry Ford

Are you unable to identify what is keeping you back or what is stopping you from achieving that success you so desire? Perhaps you are doing everything that you feel needs to be done to succeed but you are not seeing the results and you can´t seem to understand why. Research has shown that 80% of the reasons holding us back from achieving what we want are internal and a only a mere 20% are external. Spend more time looking inside you and stop looking around you. Perhaps you are doing exactly that which is making it harder for you. Below I´ve briefly gone through a few concepts to consider:

Cause and
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You Want To Be Happy – But You Are Not Sure Where To Start

Simple Ways to change your life for the better!

What do you focus on?
When things don’t go the way you want in life, it can feel very overwhelming and it is not easy to always move forward positively. Do you find that when something goes wrong, you spend the next few minutes or hours, thinking about how unfair it was, trying to work out why it happened, saying ¨why me, I have such bad luck¨….. Running the situation over and over in your mind like a video on auto-replay doesn’t ever help you?

You need to change your focus and focus on solutions and not on the problems.  You can’t do anything about what happened, but you can do something about the way you … Read the rest