As an Entrepreneur,

Have you ever said to yourself

"I feel like I'm always on the move, but never get enough done"?

What would it be like for you to always feel ahead of the game, to feel organized, and to like you are winning, whatever you do?

In this masterclass you’ll get:

Access to:
2 hours content covering

What is really blocking you and what you can do to finally break free and get results

Learn how to master your planning and execution from your yearly goals to your daily tasks

Learn how to leverage your time with the best hacks and 2mm shifts, systems and structures

Learn how to manage your self better to manage your time better

Understand your emotions impact your productivity and how you can master your emotions for success

How to create a mindset geared for ultimate productivity and success

Free up hours a week and achieve so much more with your time!

Be less stressed, feel more in control, and experience more success!

Achieve your business goals sooner and create the life balance you deserve!

Become a master planner, a massive action-taker and boost your success!

Take a sneak peak inside...

The Masterclass

Lesson 1: Meet Your Instructor

In the first lesson, Kirstin welcomes members to their class and shares her perspective on real productivity. She gives an overview of how the course is structured, how she teaches it, and what she hopes you’ll take away from it.

Lesson 2: Overcoming Mental Blocks

Kirstin talks about why people fail to make impactful and measurable improvements to their productivity and time. She shares 5 disciplines in the psychology of productivity and breaks down the formula for getting results. She will show you what you need to shift in order to make any real and lasting changes.

Lesson 3: Emotional Mess

Kirstin explains how your emotions impact your productivity. She briefly explains the science behind emotions and goes over the 4 common emotions that hold us back and what you can do about them.

Lesson 4: I say I do

The words that we use, become our reality and reinforces it. We set ourselves up to fail again and again without realizing it. Bringing awareness to the need to remain consistent with our dialogue.

Lesson 5: Thinking of Thoughting

The biggest underminer to productivity is that we don’t take time to stop and think strategically. What is the real result you are after? Or are you working on the real problem? What outcomes are creating or managing?

Lesson 6: Master Of Planning

It’s all about how you set yourself up to win from the get-go, create a system that actually gets results. Learn how to plan like a master and achieve your goals sooner.

Lesson 7: Asking The Right Questions

Have you ever heard that the quality of your life and work depends on the questions you ask yourself? Asking the right questions is a game-changer, here is what you need to know!

Lesson 8: Calendar Cutting or Creating

Learn keys to setting up and creating a calendar that works for you so you can achieve all you ultimately desire. We cover how to plan, be flexible, realistic and set yourself up successfully.

Lesson 9: Productivity Hacks

Free up hours a week by making a few small shifts and using a few productivity hacks. Discover how to get your time back now.

Lesson 10: Blind Spots

Where does my time go? Do you often feel like you are not making the progress you desire? Become aware of how much time is wasted by distractions, multitasking and constantly checking email, social media sites etc.

Lesson 11: Starting Your Day Productivel

Starting your day off right is key to productivity and achieving success. Here are 3 Key Ingredients to catapult yourself forward each day.

Lesson 12: Final Take-Aways

Insights into what to expect and how to stay on track. Final words and motivation– lasting concepts to keep with you!

YES! I'm DONE with wasting time

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“Love this master class! It is short and sweet but very detailed and to the point. I love Kirstin’s energy and enthusiasm. She definitely elicits a feeling of self confidence and has given me the tools to now get out there and be more productive!”


“Incredible Masterclass! Kirstin really helped me become my most productive self. The classes and tips are straightforward and incredibly helpful. Straight away I was able to start applying what Kirstin is teaching and already feel more productive and in control! With more time to dedicate to relaxing and doing other things I love!”