Jessica Harris

Kirstin helped me get more done in three months than I had accomplished in the...

– Philip Van Der Merwe

Kirstin has been an invaluable coach to both grow my business and improve my productivity. ...

– Olga Azarkina

Before meeting Kirstin I wasn’t sure about starting my own business. I was stuck in the process of endless planning and gathering information. But I couldn’t start doing something. Immediately after our first session I understood how I should precede to realize my goal and started acting towards it. We worked on specific steps and milestones and Kirstin also helped me with her professional advices. Now after our coaching with Kirstin I really can say that I realized the goal of the coaching with success. I’m sure that this was due to Kirstin’s coaching style: empowering and attentive at the same time. She listens to client’s own wishes and leads to actions. In only three weeks I could understand what I will do in future and how I’m going to precede. She gave me motivation and helped me to feel powerful. So that I could finally stop planning and could begin acting. Thank you for that, Kirstin

– Carmen Tranquada

It has been such a joy and a pleasure to have Kirstin as my coach, I'm really thankful and happy for that. It has been a lovely adventure where I am growing in so many fields of my life. I totally recommend anyone to work with her, she is totally professional, trustworthy, and besides everything she listens to us carefully and shows empathy, understands us easily, giving back good suggestions and exercises to keep us in the best level of our live and helps us to find our own way forward. Once again, and I don't get tired to say, thank you so much for being you and for giving me this amazing opportunity.

– Julia Janicka

I would recommend Kirstin's services to anyone who would like to learn more about himself/herself. I used to have a blurred vision of what I would like to achieve and Kirstin helped me get back on track. Sessions with Kirstin were enlightening and productive. She seems to know her job perfectly well and she was able to make an accurate list of my needs and values in a very short time, which I wouldn't be able to do without her help.
Kirstin, thank you for your patience and enthusiasm.

– Anna Kwasniak

I highly recommend Kirstin to anyone experiencing a need to change something in life. I used to feel overwhelmed with the work I needed to do. Working with Kirstin I've learnt the new skills and techniques which are helping me now to focus on the positives and be more confident with my work.
Thank you Kirstin for your enthusiasm, professionalism and wonderful observations!

– Amy Tse

Initially I contacted Kirstin about personal challenges and roadblocks I had in my life. In the process we've covered everything in between. With Kirstin, she doesn't just solve your issues she helps you breakthrough. For me, she answered every question I've always asked and solved every situation I could think of. I've always been the person that likes the truth and I have to say hearing it from a life coach really gave me that push that I really needed.

Kirstin is very supportive and informative. She is full of strategies and advice that work best for you. She helped me identify my challenges and gave me strategies to overcome them. Talking to her it has made me realize a lot of things and a lot of changes I needed but they were good ones. The ones I've always been scared of changing but finally hearing that it’s normal and it’s okay to do it has really given me that push. I've gained clarity on what I want to be, where I was going, and where I want to be and I can’t thank you enough Kirstin because you really have changed my life. If you ever need a life coach that really knows what she’s doing, she’s right here.

– Nikki Mansergh

Kirstin really helped me focus on what I needed to do next for my business. Being accountable to her was amazing motivation and she was direct and challenging and really enabled me to go ahead. While I was coaching with her, I had a new website designed, I got a PR campaign up and running and also managed to work really well in the area of finances which hadn't been good. I would recommend Kirstin to anyone!

– Nadia Duffy

I have found my coaching sessions with Kirstin very beneficial. I have been able to give order to my thoughts and feelings and regain control in my life. I would recommend life coaching with Kirstin as I feel she is the inspirational guidance I was looking for at this point in my life, and she has given me the skills and tools that I needed in order to motivate me to achieve my goals.

– Carlos Garcia

Kirstin has helped me in so many ways i wouldnt know where to start, i have learnt techniques to empower myself, stay focused and im now creating a more fullfilling life for myself. Her insights and support has made it possible. the experience was tremendously rewarding.

– Paulo Cuéllar

Con las sesiones de Kirstin aprendí técnicas y encontré herramientas para solucionar problemas, priorizar objetivos y sobretodo a aprovechar mejor el tiempo. Definitivamente una experiencia muy productiva

– Laida Palacio Urrutia

I got in contact with Kirstin 2 months ago, when i was completely lost and had no idea how to get out of a routine that I didnt like. I simply didnt know what I wanted in my professional life. The only thing I did know was that something had to change.

Kirstin offered to help me find a new direction in my career.

From day one Kirstin listened carefully and fairly quickly understood my situation. She gave me the feeling that I could trust her although this kind of coaching was completely new to me.

With different conversations and a variety of exercises she got me to think in a different way about my career. Step by step we started to add the pieces together. And 2 months later I can say that, not only I finally know what I want, but I also have the confidence to make that strongly needed change.
I want to thank Kirstin for her dedication and personal approach and would highly recommend her to anyone who needs professional guidance to work towards a more successful and enjoyable career .

– Tony Moffett

I have benefited from Kirstin in helping assess, the strengths and weaknesses towards career planning including professional development. I used to feel that my options for moving my professional career path forward was limited and experienced shifts in career planning as well as achieved important next steps in my career. After working with Kirstin I have balanced the attainment of immediate targets with long-term goals towards the vision of my profession.
I know I can communicate my vision to Kirstin and be inspired including motivated. No longer do I feel that my career needs to be put on hold with the support there I need to drive it forward. Thank you for being there at a time of change that needed a personal touch to take the next step.
I would recommend anyone to the highly competent coach Kirstin is in her field. Who communicates openly and encourages feedback, and has a clear idea of the vision-mission-goals of her client!

– Adil Cahit Ansaroglu

Kirstin has helped me to re-focus my aim in life. Kirstin helped me to find the power that I had within. I feel more confident to achieve my target, stay focused and follow my dream job. Her directions and support made this possible to re-ignite myself. I strongly recommend Kirstin who needs a fresh start, or simply put your life back on track. You will not be disappointed

– Eddy Lew

Kirstin is a great coach with thoughtful remarks and comments. She has a great skills on active learning and have high effort to help you to find solution both by your own or by her. She is friendly, professional, highly knowledgeable and precision focused as she able to organize all information and situation that i gave her in short time. In a nutshell, she will add values to your journey.

– Diane F

I have owned three business I my life and I honestly don't know I had any success in the previous two. I really appreciate the time and help that I got from Top Results Coaching.

– Lynne G

I have found Kirstin's techniques and advice on my business to be incredibily important and timely.

– Stan H

I have recently become overwhelmed by the the sheer volume of work to be done in my new business. I was at the point of simply resigning myself to defeatwhen I discovered Kirstin at Top Results Coaching. Now I have the can-do attitude that comes from being wezll organized and confident.