Time Tracker Apps

Being busy doesn’t necessarily mean you are productive, what are you busy with?

Having complete clarity on how you are using your time is key to effective time management. Tracking your time has many benefits to it…the most common are below.

  • Gain clarity on exactly where your time is going – where are you spending too much time and vice versa.
  • Create awareness around ‘your estimate’ skills. Underestimating how long activities actually take is a huge time thief.
  • Supports you in identifying areas to improve.
  • Helps to control how much time you spend on a task and this increases your productivity and focus.




1. Clockify

Clockify is a 100% free time tracking and timesheet app for freelancers and teams. It lets you track or add the time you spend on
activities  in just a few clicks. visit-website

With this app, you’ll get effective time tracking, as well as team, management, and reporting features, to help you streamline
your work. Its hourly rates and billable time calculator make Clockify perfect for professionals who bill their work by the hour.

Available for Windows, Linux, Mac, iOS, Android, Chrome and Firefox.


2. Replicon

visit-websiteReplicon provides innovative solutions to the ever-changing needs for managing time and expense in the enterprise.

Get unprecedented visibility into time, resource and project data, along with embedded reporting for real-time analytic’s that reduce compliance risk, keep costs down and provide greater insight into business performance.

The cloud solution is a 100% multi-tenant cloud. TimeCost for Project Costing, and TimeBill, are tightly integrated with core solutions to provide business-wide insights to increase efficiency.


3. Rescue time

visit-websiteRescueTime is a productivity app that tells you how you spend your time so you can manage it better. By tracking your online day, it provides scientific analyses of your productivity and helps you improve it. Its helpful features include detailed reports, weekly email summaries, blocking distracting sites, and daily self-created goals.

With this app, you will learn to become the master of your time and make it work for you. RescueTime is available for PC, Mac, Android, and Linux.


4. Lets Freckle

visit-websiteFreckle is a time management app tailor-made for businesses. It addresses common workplace problems by providing tools for team member utilization, work rhythms, budget accuracy, and client and project overhead. Its intuitive interface makes managing a breeze and eliminates the common problems of time wasting and inefficiency by breaking down your company so you can analyze it continually from the ground up.


5. Yast

visit-websiteYast takes time tracking to a new level by providing you with everything you need all in one place. Its easy click timers, color-coded timelines, and project management turn administration into fun. By making time tracking simpler, Yast gives you exactly what you need to manage every little detail without headaches.

Its mobile integration and API friendliness allow it to be incredibly easy to use on the go or in the office.


6. Get Harvest

visit-websiteGet Harvest is a one-stop time tracking application for businesses who need to streamline their efficiency. By providing real-time reporting in a simple interface, Harvest eliminates the worry of confusion and the stress of wasted time. Its invoicing and expense tracking tools make your job even easier.

Harvest connects with all of your devices, giving you a simple solution whenever you need one.


7. Paymo

visit-websitePaymo makes managing time in a business setting easier than ever. It offers tools for product management, time tracking, and online invoicing, all laid out in a simple interface so you can easily oversee all your project needs in one convenient location.

Designed for both businesses and freelancers, Paymo is a comprehensive financial solution that is right for you. Available for PC, Mac, iOS, and Android.
Paymo review – More Than Just A Project Management Tool?


Effective time management starts with building knowledge on how to improve the way you use your time…read some articles below…


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Head over to my time management blog – you will find a wealth of information, tips, tools and techniques to increase your productivity, learn how to manage your time more effectively and transform your results now!

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