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Productivity Apps for YOU and YOUR Goals

Being resourceful is key to success, here are some free productivity apps to improve your time management and results now!

Productivity Apps


Pocket is an online content saver that allows you to place anything in a digital “pocket” to be retrieved at your convenience. Videos, images, sites, and more that you want to look at later are synced and saved across a variety of platforms.

Focus Booster

Focus Booster is a productivity app that uses the unique and intuitive pomodoro technique to optimize the way you spend your time.By breaking up tasks into smaller, more manageable goal sets, Focus Booster enables you to complete projects with a higher efficiency rate with a lower difficulty rate.


Evernote is a cross-platform note-taking program that efficiently gathers all of your notes in one easily accessible place. Its abilities to optimize team tasks and format notes makes journaling thoughts and plans simple and flexible.


Lumosity is a brain training program that will take your mind to another level. You’ll be assigned a personal trainer and fun games that work on a variety of devices to work your noggin and polish up your mental skills.


Launchy is an index utility that eliminates the need for a start menu. 

You simply search for a program or file, press enter, and the object launches. Launchy is perfect for the multitasker who relies on both speed and efficiency.

Time Tracker Apps


Clockify is a 100% free time tracking and timesheet app for freelancers and teams. It lets you track or add the time you spend on activities in just a few clicks.

With this app, you’ll get effective time tracking, as well as team, management, and reporting features, to help you streamline your work.


Replicon provides innovative solutions to the ever-changing needs for managing time and expense in the enterprise.

Get unprecedented visibility into time, resource and project data, along with embedded reporting for real-time analytic’s that reduce compliance risk, keep costs down and provide greater insight into business performance.

Rescue Time

RescueTime is a productivity app that tells you how you spend your time so you can manage it better. By tracking your online day, it provides scientific analyses of your productivity and helps you improve it. Its helpful features include detailed reports, weekly email summaries, blocking distracting sites, and daily self-created goals.

Get Harvest

Get Harvest is a one-stop time tracking application for businesses who need to streamline their efficiency. By providing real-time reporting in a simple interface, Harvest eliminates the worry of confusion and the stress of wasted time. Its invoicing and expense tracking tools make your job even easier.


Paymo makes managing time in a business setting easier than ever. It offers tools for product management, time tracking, and online invoicing, all laid out in a simple interface so you can easily oversee all your project needs in one convenient location.

Task Manager Apps

Remember the Milk

Remember the Milk is a digital task manager for the modern individual. To-do lists have never been easier or more intuitive. With Remember the Milk, you can categorize your lists and utilize the app across a variety of programs, including Gmail, Outlook, Twitter, and Evernote.


Notion is a multiple-purpose app, think of it as your all-in-one workplace. You can put your notes, project management, tasks, everything you need on the platform, as well as easy collaboration at your fingertips. 


Insightly is an app for the modern professional that helps you manage your clients. Your contacts, organizations, partners, suppliers, and more are exquisitely organized in detail. You’ll see a contact’s background, email history, and important dates all in one setting, aiding in smooth customer relationship management.


Teuxdeux is a to-do app that will make you love to-do lists. Its fluid combination of operation and design makes lists easier and more fun.

Its features of recurring reminders, markdown support, and simple rescheduling help you when you’re on the go during a hectic day. Available for Mac and iPhone.


Todoist is a simple to-do app that helps you manage your day in one convenient place. Its beautiful design and ease of use make to-do lists freeing instead of frustrating.

Its notifications, productivity tracking, and multi-level tasking abilities will change the way you see to-do lists. Available for iOS, Android, PC, and more.

Project Management Apps


Basecamp is an all-in-one project management service that places all of the control at your fingertips. Team collaboration has never been easier with Basecamp’s simple interface that allows you to share files, send messages, and much more.


Podio is a project management program that covers all of your needs in one place. On your Employee Network, your entire team can communicate smoothly over a variety of platforms. By offering a social intranet, event management, and CRM software, Podio provides everything in a clean and freeing interface.


GantPro is a great alternative to Microsoft Project for creating Gant Charts. It allows you to create visual timelines of your projects, milestones, and deadlines. 

Easily collaborate with teams on progress and other project related activites. 


Trello is a one-size-fits-all organizational program for your project management needs. Whether you need a home to-do list or a multi-level professional project, Trello offers a simple interface for even the most complex ideas.


Asana is a team-building program that relies on tasks instead of the cumbersome and inefficient e-mail. Its real-time updates and all-encompassing structure puts your project at your fingertips. Asana effortlessly connects your team in a flexible way, allowing you to achieve greater goals within a project.

Other Apps/Tools


Mind42 (pronounced “Mind For Two”) is a collaborative mind-mapping software that streamlines idea management and takes the hassle out of working together. This quirky yet intuitive software helps you keep track of ideas whether you’re by yourself or in a group.


Otter is a voice transciption app, simply speak into the app and it will type up what you say. 

Save heaps of time jotting down notes, capturing your ideas and thoughts, increase your productivity immediately.

Google Drive

Google Drive e is a cloud-based storage and sharing solution. Its intense popularity is not only due to its cross-platform integration but also to its ease of use.

Its no-nonsense interface offers powerful features that optimize any and all of your needs, from daily academics to professional business plans. 


Dropbox is a web-based storage system that keeps all of your files in one place. Its versatility in formats and ease of sharing make it one of the best cloud solutions for storing and sharing files. With countless users, Dropbox helps facilitate your file needs for free.


SugarSync is a storage and sharing service that takes the hassle out of keeping your important files safe.

With its cloud-based operation, you’ll never have to worry about being out of touch with vital data. No matter the system or location, SugarSync delivers optimum performance at affordable prices.


Buffer is a social media sharing app that allows you to simply and efficiently manage your online profile. By sending out one post on a variety of social media platforms that you choose, Buffer provides in-depth analytics to tell you how popular your posts are.

Google Calendar

Google Calendar is a cloud-based calendar that meets all of your scheduling needs. By always being available across a variety of platforms, the app allows you to manage dates and times with incredible ease. The ability to send invitations and organize events makes Google Calendar a formidable scheduling tool.

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