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Your partner in success

What if you could have your own partner in success to help you to get better results and achieve more in your life and business? I am excited to share with you the techniques I have learnt over the years that have brought me not only ultimate happiness and success, but has allowed me to live life and run my business my way!

Work With Me

Your partner in success

What if you could have your own partner in success to help you to get better results and achieve more in your life and business? I am excited to share with you the techniques I have learnt over the years that have brought me not only ultimate happiness and success, but has allowed me to live life and run my business my way!  

A few ways I can help you achieve more

Get organized to spend your time more effectively and achieve your goals faster.

I'll show you exactly what you need to do to ensure you are working on the right tasks that will bring you the best return on your investment.

Explore your time thieves, how you can free up hours every week to get more done.


Learn how to create a system or structure that works for you – time management is not a one size fits all approach.


Share the best ways to increase your productivity and get more done.

Develop skills and learn tools to overcome your challenges, procrastination and resistance.

get the best support to get the best results

Whether you are looking for productivity, time management coaching or professional success coaching,
I can support you in achieving your goals – your goals are my goals.

Business Productivity Boost

Looking for a productivity boost to free up hours  & get organised instantly?

Personalised productivity coaching

Do you want to develop a mindset geared for productivity & achieve more than you dream?

coaching for business success

Ready to take your business to another level and finally experience more success?

Priyesh Patel, UK

"Working with Kirstin is the ultimate game changer. Not only did she cut the nonsense I threw up, but she help guide me to a place where I could accelerate my career. Not only is she an inspiration but Kirstin is the type of coach that wants you to get the results. Albeit she is a coach, she was my cheer leader, congratulating me on my wins and unintentionally motivating me to be my best self to achieve top results. I cant thank her more than I have done!! I would highly recommend working with Kirstin!!"

Jessica Harris

"Kirstin helped me get more done in three months than I had accomplished in the last year. She listens deeply and asks excellent questions that bring out my guidance and knowing while also helping me to shape a plan with powerful strategy. Her positivity is energizing and I feel inspired to tackle my projects after our sessions. She is efficient and respectful with our time and shows up completely for each session. Kirstin strikes an incredible balance between sharing heartfelt support and confidence in my abilities and being honest and forthright in moments when more motivation is needed. I searched for weeks for a coach that felt right and am so glad to have found Kirstin."

Philip Van Der Merwe

"Kirstin has been an invaluable coach to both grow my business and improve my productivity.  Her amazing passionate energy she brings to each coaching session has made me excited and full of energy to work hard at my business.  I would recommend Kirstin to anyone looking to take their business to a whole new level."

Olga Azarkina

"Before meeting Kirstin I wasn’t sure about starting my own business. I was stuck in the process of endless planning and gathering information. But I couldn’t start doing something. Immediately after our first session I understood how I should precede to realize my goal and started acting towards it. We worked on specific steps and milestones and Kirstin also helped me with her professional advices. Now after our coaching with Kirstin I really can say that I realized the goal of the coaching with success. I’m sure that this was due to Kirstin’s coaching style: empowering and attentive at the same time. She listens to client’s own wishes and leads to actions. In only three weeks I could understand what I will do in future and how I’m going to precede. She gave me motivation and helped me to feel powerful. So that I could finally stop planning and could begin acting. Thank you for that, Kirstin"

Nikki Mansergh

"Kirstin really helped me focus on what I needed to do next for my business. Being accountable to her was amazing motivation and she was direct and challenging and really enabled me to go ahead. While I was coaching with her, I had a new website designed, I got a PR campaign up and running and also managed to work really well in the area of finances which hadn't been good. I would recommend Kirstin to anyone!"

Eddy Lew

"Kirstin is a great coach with thoughtful remarks and comments. She has a great skills on active learning and have high effort to help you to find solution both by your own or by her. She is friendly, professional, highly knowledgeable and precision focused as she able to organize all information and situation that i gave her in short time. In a nutshell, she will add values to your journey."

Magdalena Roberts

"I had intensive coaching sessions with Kristin. She asked me many questions that I wouldn’t ever think to ask myself. She is a very knowledgeable coach and she made me feel very comfortable. Thanks to her approach I realized my true role and potential in life. She reassured me with my goals and helped to plan and organised my busy work schedule.  I would recommend her competencies to anyone who would like to take their life to the next level. "

Brian D, US

"I originally contacted Kirstin to help me with techniques and systems to increase productivity because I was feeling overwhelmed with my workload. She helped me clarify my ideas, organize projects and to make commitments to work on my key tasks.She was able to help me in unexpected ways. She helped me identify ways of thinking that better served me and helped me with problem solving in both my business and personal life. She also worked with me to help increase presence and peace in my day to day life which has been extremely valuable.
Definitely a worthwhile investment. Thanks Kirstin! "

Karol K, US

"I worked with Kirstin simultaneously on both business and personal coaching. I found Kirstin to be very intelligent. She knows what she’s talking about. She seamlessly addressed issues and concerns. She always knew exactly what to say without hesitation. She could draw on her personal experiences in relating to me.
I found her to be a very caring and compassionate person. She was always focused during our meetings and made the best use of our time together. Kirstin had a very positive, “can do” attitude throughout the coaching experience. She explained things clearly and told me about the reasons why I was doing the things I was doing. She provided me with the tools necessary to improve and grow.
I highly recommend Kirstin if you are considering coaching for business or personal reasons. "

Nicklas B, Denmark

"Kirstin has been my coach for a bit over a year, and my life hasn't been the same since.
The coaching and sessions we have, are always super positive, results oriented - especially for my business.
I am getting mind-blown in every session and I would pay whatever it would cost, to keep Kirstin on the team.
I highly recommend her, to everyone looking for self-improvement or business-improvement.
5 stars all the way!! "

Michela F, France

"I've been working with Kirstin for several years!
All I've become today it is the result of coaching.
The top skill I aquired is 'know I have within me the ability to handle anything'
Another is 'take care of myself and my personal phisical and mental state in order to be at the top of my performance'
Lastly, Kirstin has such a borad knowledge of several different subjects that no matter what it is the challenge I'm facing she's always able to suggest the right tools I can learn in order to manage it.
And she's truly and amazing soul! "

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Frequently Asked Questions

Learn How it Works!

How many sessions do I need?

Every single situation and person is different – you are unique! Together, you and I will look at the best options for you, depending on your goals and where you are at in comparison. Coaching requires a minimum commitment of at least 2/3 months, of course,  if coaching is not working for you, you can stop immediately. Some clients only need a few months of coaching and I have other clients for years!

Why would I need a coach?

If you want to achieve something that you are not able to achieve on your own, you would highly benefit from a coach. If you want to expand your identity and achieve more as well, coaching is not only for challenges, but also growth and success.  You will learn the tools and techniques that can be used throughout your life to continue to create the best results in your life. I assist you in becoming more in control of your life and showing you how to have more time to do what you love.

How often do I need sessions?

In order to get the best results, connecting every 10 days or 2 weeks for 1 hour, depending on the package you choose and your goals. 
This schedule is recommended because when there is too much time in between calls, you will lose momentum and there it too much to catch up on. Leaving too much time in between the coaching,  does not provide you with the motivation and continuous support each week to deal with the challenges or obstacles that may arise.

You also need time to complete your tasks for the week, need time to reflect, etc so more than one session every 10 days is not the best option either. Remember that part of my promise to you is continuous support, so feel free to email me anytime you need.

How does payment work?

Payment will be made in advance via paypal, credit card or bank transfer. 

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