An Employee Time tracking app has become a common tool used by most organizations globally. So common that it begs us to ask the question – Is it just a fad that organizations have started adopting, just because their competitors and peers have been doing it? Let’s bust some of the myths and arguments that have always revolved around a time tracking app for employees and see how it fares in today’s economy.

Two of the biggest debates around time tracking apps are these:

1.       Do they really have an impact on work productivity?

2.       Should you go for a free time tracking app for employees, or a paid version?

Truth – Time tracking apps do increase work productivity.

The hundreds of mobile time tracking apps and iPhone time tracking apps available in the market today are proof of their consistent usefulness and performance. If we are to look at it historically, time tracking is not a new concept. Factories and companies have been employing some form of time tracking technique since time immemorial. What started as punch cards, became excel sheets and now time tracking software and applications.

There have always been unfounded concerns regarding the tracking of employee time. Employees were concerned that their time will be watched under a microscope, and they will be micromanaged and always under the control of their supervisors. With the advancement in technology, this is anything if not false. When employee time is being monitored, this gives flexibility to the team as a whole. Supervisors will be able to reduce the workload of overutilized employees and distribute work equally among team members. Scheduling has also been made easy, as both the team members and the supervisors know exactly who is on leave, and where exactly the others’ time is being utilized.

This level of flexibility comes from the advanced features that are available in time tracking apps today. You as an employee are no longer overloaded with work, as there is a clear-cut definition of what are the tasks and activities that have been assigned to you now. There is no need for supervisors to hover over their employees to see what everyone is up to because new-age time tracking apps have custom reporting capabilities and dashboards that serve this exact purpose without the constant feeling of being monitored. If you are supervising a team that has tight deadlines, and strict budgets to be followed, time tracking apps have become a boon in managing the actuals versus estimates of your billing. These apps allow you to manage the time spent by employees for different projects and also allow you to keep an eye on the spending of the budget of each project.

Truth – You can go for a free time tracking app

However, this truth comes with a catch. Like anything free, there are limitations to what a free employee time tracking app for android and iPhone can provide for your company. If you have a large employee base, or if there are complicated global time and gross pay requirements in your company, going for a free app may not fit your needs. A paid time tracking software would have the capability to address your requirements and will have after-sales support in case you run into any trouble or require customizations.

Project Managers and supervisors get precise metrics to monitor from paid time tracking apps. They have advanced reporting capabilities and also integrate well with your other software systems like that for billing and payroll. This allows data to flow seamlessly in and out of the system and ensures data accuracy in every part of the financial lifecycle. Be it for client billing, or for processing payroll, this integrated approach ensures that you have a single source of time data being reported and used across all your software systems.

The advantages of going for a paid time tracking app far exceed the expectations of improving work productivity. Companies and team leaders are able to identify where their team members can improve on and boost their individual performance. During performance appraisals, instead of giving a generic opinion of how their team can improve, supervisors now have the ability to give custom advice each targeted to their individual capabilities and talent. These apps also ensure that employees are not burning out from increased workload and help them devise an optimal plan for work.

The bottom line is, anyone who is part of the workforce of the 21st century, who still doubts whether time tracking apps increase work productivity or not, has been living under a rock. This myth has been long busted and all future-ready businesses have adopted this technological marvel to improve their workplace productivity.

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