Time tracking isn’t only about logging hours and timesheets. In fact, it has always been about useful self-knowledge and increasing productivity. Just think about: how can you start using your time more productively without actually knowing how you spend it in the first place?

With the right time tracking tools, you can significantly boost efficiency and productive focus without expending any extra effort. So exactly how can time tracking help you get there?

See what blocks productivity

Time tracking can reveal exactly where you get distracted and what is slowing you down. Whether it’s unnecessary meetings, never-ending emails or routine admin tasks, an enormous amount of your productive time is lost every day!

After you see what blocks your productivity, you can finally start working out the biggest drains on your efficiency. The insights you get from time tracking will help you introduce effective change – from automating basic admin and changing your availability for communication, to creating a more productive working environment.

Focus on what matters most

By showing what you work on and for how long, time tracking helps you hold your priorities in check. Are you actually prioritizing your most important tasks? Do you dedicate enough time to them, or are they threatened by lower-value ones? Do you have time for more work?

Time tracking can answer all of these. Some time tracking tools have powerful reporting features – this can also help you establish a sense of progress and set targets for the future, keeping you motivated and focused. By knowing how long specific tasks tend to take you, you also get a greater feeling of control over your time and can make more realistic and achievable estimates for future work.

Use time more productively

Tracking your time makes you more aware of its passing, and visually seeing a progress bar moving down your daily timeline creates positive pressure to do make good use of your time. It can be great motivational presence – greater awareness of the value of time leads to a greater drive to make your hours count.

So now you know time tracking can really make a difference, but you shouldn’t waste any extra time doing it. Automatic time trackers like Timely remove the need to remember tasks or set timers – by running constantly in the background, automatic time tracking gives you an accurate timeline of all your work. They also have an immediate efficiency payoff – you’re completely free to focus on productive work!

A blurb about Timely

Timely is a fully automatic time tracking app that captures everything you do while you work – all your work apps, websites, emails, meetings, and even travel time. Your automatically-created timesheet will be waiting for you at the end of the day.

Get a completely accurate record of your time – then bill accurately, report beautifully, and discover insights into your productivity all from one place.

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