Is your mindset undermining your productivity?

Your mindset directly influences your productivity.   The right mindset must comes first, only then will the right action follow – you won’t get what you want with a limited mind. 

Cut the crap and take responsibility for your time! Don’t play the blame game or let excuses stop you from freeing up hours a week. If you are not getting the results you want, look inwards, not outwards, you will get results sooner. Your return on your investment in time is in your hands!!
If you have the right mindset, everything becomes effortless! You won’t get a different result in your time, business or productivity if you stay with the same mindset as you have now! 

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Eliminate the Guesswork & Plan your Team in a Snap

We all agree that people are the most valuable asset of any organization. Investing in them is capital to take on new projects and grow your business, however, this implies making sure they get the job done correctly and on time too.  This greatly depends on your capacity to assign the right people to the right projects, at the right time. Many variables in that equation, right?

Lots of managers still rely on guesswork to manage their resource allocation, generally because of a lack of visibility on availability and skills. Now, in the best of all worlds, this shouldn’t be a problem, but we all know project and resource management aren’t part of that world.


Guesswork Planning Undermines Productivity

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How to Use Time Tracking to Triple Your Productivity Now!

Time tracking isn’t only about logging hours and timesheets. In fact, it has always been about useful self-knowledge and increasing productivity. Just think about: how can you start using your time more productively without actually knowing how you spend it in the first place?

With the right time tracking tools, you can significantly boost efficiency and productive focus without expending any extra effort. So exactly how can time tracking help you get there?

See what blocks productivity

Time tracking can reveal exactly where you get distracted and what is slowing you down. Whether it’s unnecessary meetings, never-ending emails or routine admin tasks, an enormous amount of your productive time is lost every day!

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