How Employee Monitoring Increases Productivity

Guest Post -How Employee Monitoring Increases Productivity

Coworking spaces sound fun until you realize most of your team is not being completely productive due to constant distractions. Keeping your head in the game can be tough when there are people talking on the phone, having lunch, and chit-chatting around the office.
However, it doesn’t mean that moving into a private office will fix this problem. As Martina Andjelkovic, CEO of Snajka found out – a private office with open space can increase productivity issues.

Tackling Lack of Productivity with Monitoring

She quickly realized that their problems weren’t resolved, so she turned to gamification in order to try and tackle the lack of productivity.
Martina invented a ‘productivity marathon’ game and installed an employee monitoring softwareRead the rest


Entrepreneurial Success Starts With Training Your Brain

Ever heard of neuroplasticity? The idea that our brains are hardwired from birth and are therefore unchangeable is now known to be false, at last!!
Think of your brain as malleable plastic – it is constantly being changed by your day to day experiences. In scientific terms, neuroplasticity refers to the “rewiring” of the neurons that process and transmit information in the brain, and the alterations that occur at synapses (the gaps between neurons that allow for information to be transmitted between them). Basically, it about changing how you habitually think to a new way of thinking, habitually. 

When it comes to neuroplasticity, one of the key things to keep in mind is that neural pathways (paths that connect different areas of the brain and Read the rest


Changing Bad Habits: Obstacles and Dealing With Them

If you’re running your own business, or making preparations to, then trying to change your bad habits can seem like something that isn’t urgent and that can always be dealt with later. This is one of the biggest mistakes entrepreneurs make! Leaving your bad habits on the back-burner has a huge impact on how successfully you get your work done and how effectively you manage your company. It’s because of this that getting a more in-depth understanding of your obstacles and how to deal with them is of the utmost importance. Your success in business is the extent of your good habits vs your bad habits,.

Why Are Habits So Hard To Break?

If you think you’re the only one having a hard time making Read the rest