GUEST POST – Many people believe today’s technology leads to less productivity in the workplace. However, technology has brought a massive positive impact on office-based employees when it comes to flexibility and communication. 

Let’s look at 6 ways technology can boost productivity in the workplace and help you maximise your time.

1. Chatbots: Upgrade Your Customer Service

An interactive software platform that shows up in applications, live chats, SMS and email, chatbots answer FAQs with ease, but can also be utilised to process orders, make reservations and provide tech support.

A survey by Oracle revealed that 80% of 800 sales and marketing leaders already use chatbots or plan to by 2020. 

Chatbots are perfect for those repetitive and mundane tasks. Bots are focused and won’t get distracted. Allocating high-demand, low-level tasks to bots will free up time for higher-value work where human intuition, empathy and knowledge are necessary.

2. Stop. Collaborate and Listen

Organisations typically spend 15% of their time preparing for and attending meetings. Collaboration tools cut down on meeting times and allow employees to share documents and communicate about projects while working both in and out of the office. 

File sharing tools allow employees to easily access any documents, edit and track the history of all changes. 

3. Get Synced and Get With The Schedule

AI-enabled scheduling software allows for more efficient workload planning, alleviating the headache of accidental overbookings and streamlining processes of assigning responsibilities and logging hours.

By syncing the schedule across all team member’s devices, employees can see what everyone else is working on (and what they need to be doing). This promotes better collaboration, saves time and increases productivity.

4. Money Money Money

Processing payments can be a tedious, time-consuming process that’s prone to mistakes if completed manually. Luckily these tasks can be easily replaced by automation tools, resulting in greater cash flow and less time spent chasing payments and revenue.

Employing payroll technology with time tracking applications will decrease the number of payroll disputes. Morale is strengthened as employees can feel confident they are receiving every dollar they deserve.

5. No More Distractions

We know how easy it is to get distracted. A message on our phone, a quick browse for the football score or what’s happening on social media. 

Fortunately, tools are available to keep employees on track and focused on the job at hand. Consider implementing website blockers and organisational tools to keep track of time, goal progress and project management.

6. BYOD (Bring Your Own Device)

More businesses today are implementing policies regarding technological devices. Allowing employees to bring and use their own laptops, phones or tablets allows for more efficient work as they are more familiar with these devices. 

People are generally able to troubleshoot their own devices, which takes the pressure off the IT department.

42% of workers who use their own devices believe it improves their productivity and efficiency. 

These 6 ways technology can boost productivity in the workplaceare just the tip of the iceberg. Why not allow your team to consider solutions to company issues? It will bolster your employees to think innovatively. They’ll appreciate helping to integrate new technology, leading to a boost of both enthusiasm and productivity.

Author bio:

Creative writer Johanna writes about practically anything, from health and lifestyle to business and technology. She shares most of her published pieces on her personal blog. Check them out here

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