We all agree that people are the most valuable asset of any organization. Investing in them is capital to take on new projects and grow your business, however, this implies making sure they get the job done correctly and on time too.  This greatly depends on your capacity to assign the right people to the right projects, at the right time. Many variables in that equation, right?

Lots of managers still rely on guesswork to manage their resource allocation, generally because of a lack of visibility on availability and skills. Now, in the best of all worlds, this shouldn’t be a problem, but we all know project and resource management aren’t part of that world.

Guesswork Planning Undermines Productivity

Relying on guesswork can be a welcome gift to two big productivity enemies: unbalanced workloads and wasted talents. 

Indeed, a lack of visibility on your team’s availability and occupation can often lead to allocating too many tasks to a team member when someone else, with the same skills, may be available. Useless to explain why overwhelmed people are bad for productivity. 

But if balancing your resources workload is one thing, doing it cleverly is another thing. It’s important to make sure your resources are assigned to tasks that fit their skills. You don’t want bored employees. Not only will they be unmotivated and unproductive, but that boredom could also lead them to leaving your company. 

Increase productivity


That may be common sense, but it can quickly get trickier to apply in a real world setting, especially without a good team planning solution.

Get a Hold on Your Resources, Before It’s Too Late

Now, as an entrepreneur in an early stage of business, team scheduling solutions may not be a priority, as you are dealing with fewer projects and team members, but if your business is growing, make sure to understand the importance of investing in a visual team planning solution. It is a great and affordable way to efficiently manage your people – your most important asset.

Changing plans, remote and part-time team members, delays, short deadlines… all these factors can turn planning into a nightmare and they are pretty common nowadays, even for small teams.  

Don’t fall in the same trap as many entrepreneurs: neglecting capacity planning and resource scheduling until that inevitable day when you start struggling to meet deadlines, even though everybody seems busy (even overworked).

Goodbye Guesswork, Hello Productivity

With Teambook, finding the perfect team member for a task and making sure he is available, is now a matter of seconds.

Here is how.

Teambook’s main interface is the visual team board, where managers get an overview of their team’s occupation and availability. Hence they can see directly, on the same display, who is busy, on what, and who is off, for any day within a month. That way, when a new project comes up, they can make sure to allocate it (directly from the board) to someone who’s available and avoid over-scheduling.


Time Management


But what about finding the perfect team member(s) for that project, in terms of skills, role or location? Not a problem with the tags and filters systems. Managers can easily add tags to other users to map their skills, define their role or precise anything that might come in handy for the planning of their team. Afterwards, when looking for a specific tag (a skill, for example), all it takes is to use the filter system on the team board to display team users with a matching tag only, and see who’s available.  

Finally, Teambook offers a simple reporting section, where managers can assess the monthly performance of their team and detect productivity issues. 




A first graph displays their team’s key metrics: productivity, utilization and availability. That way, they can make sure nobody was left waiting on the bench and avoid wasted talents. Another graph, coupled with a day-by-day overview of the month, give info on the total time spent on any kind of project during the month. This allows managers to measure the billing efficiency of their team by comparing time spent on billable projects against time spent on non-billable projects and time off. 

Teambook not only allow managers to get the best out of their teams, but it also frees them from painful team planning and allows them to focus on the business!



Teambook is a capacity planning and team scheduling online tool that helps your business optimize its resources utilization.  See your team’s occupation and availability at a glance and make sure you book the right resource to the right project. Avoid unbalanced workloads and wasted talents.

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