Productivity hacks 2021 – Here are 5 easy ways for you to increase your productivity and take your results to the next level this year.
Get serious about working less and enjoying more!

We are almost at the end of quarter one, how productive has the start of this year been? Are you making the changes you ultimately desire? Are you achieving better results and making more progress than before?

Managing your time effectively is more important now than ever. Working environments have changed completely; distractions and interruptions are at an all-time high. It is non-negotiable to stay on top of your game during these times and to increase your efficiency and output to stay ahead and in the game.

When we make things too complex, we kill action. Here are 5 simple hacks to adopt this year.

5 Productivity Hacks for 2021

  1. Automate with apps and tools
    Identify the tasks that you carry out daily, what and where can you automate? Use workflow apps to give you more insights.
    Ideas: Websites frequently visited – create bookmarks.
    Use 1password to stop re-entering passwords
    Use Microsoft Word Dictate OR to type instead of you or record your conversations.

    If you are not using apps to help you to free up time or to sync information or make it easily available – you are wasting time!

  2. Batch Plan your days
    You can not be productive if you don’t plan in some way or at least batch plan your day! If you are not creating some structure in your day, you are being reactive and most likely taking action on feelings, and not the higher-impact tasks.

    Divide your day into:
    a. Focused work – important and not urgent, normally in the morning.
    b. Unfocused Work – rest of the day
    c. Phone calls/checking emails – 4 times a day
    d. Small breaks – throughout the day

  3. Decide how long you want to spend on a task and challenge yourself.
    We take as much time to complete a task as we give it, do you find this often happens to you? For creative tasks, giving yourself a time-challenge might not be appropriate, for most other tasks it really helps. Decide beforehand how long you want to spend on a task and step up to get it done so you can move on.

    Check out productivity apps like Forest. Stay focused during your challenge, build trees, if you grab your phone during a task, the tree dies, if you don’t, you plant real trees on earth. Or if you like listening to music, Focus@will is scientifically optimized music to help you stay focused. Decide how long you want to spend on the task, stop distractions, and block websites with Freedom.

  4. Energy is key to productivity. You cannot expect yourself to take action massive if you have low energy, feel lethargic, and you find it difficult to focus. Energy is a habit and a standard. Food either gives you energy or it takes it away. Do you fuel your body or stuff it with processed food?

    Exercise and movement give you energy. Do you exercise and move every day or do live a sedentary life? Thoughts give you higher or lower energy, being hard on yourself creates lower energy, for example. And it is more difficult to do things from this place.

    If you have huge reserves of energy, action becomes effortless.
    Does your energy help you to get things done or make it harder?

  5. Train Your Brain to be more productive
    Your brain is a muscle, and the more you exercise certain muscles, the more they grow, and the easier it is. Courage is a muscle, focus is a muscle, discipline is a muscle! You can’t just expect it to come easy if you don’t practice! Increase your focus, be sharper and remember more.
    Lumosity is the coolest app out there- it takes a few minutes a day and with consistency, you will notice the results sooner than later.

    Meditation or doing PQ reps is also another way to train your focus muscle. Have you ever gone to the gym and lifted 10kg weights? Unless you have been training, this will be a huge stretch. It is the same with our brain. If you want your muscle to work and grow, you must train with repetition and consistency.

There are two keys to increasing your productivity, how you set yourself up to win with your planning and then how successfully you can execute on your plan.

If you are not managing your time effectively, you have to participate in your own rescue!

Have a highly productive and fun day, week, month and year ahead!

To your success

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