We live in such an extremely fast paced world, that it is no surprise most people struggle to keep up with the daily demands.  Having challenges with work life balance is now the norm. In fact, it is actually admirable if you have it all worked out! The truth is most people are unable to manage their time in a way that actually allows them to get everything done. I can understand that if you haven’t done a time management course or training, it isn’t always obvious you are managing your time ineffectively. However, there is one common time management challenge that doesn’t require training or skills, and that is kicking yourself into action when you procrastinate.  We all know about procrastination!

The biggest reason people don’t achieve the results they desire and actually have the life they want, whether that is more monthly income, a better body or even a better relationship, is lack of action, or action in the wrong places. What I find is that although one might have a lot of intention, it is the lack of commitment in the moment to carry out the intention. What you might not know, is that if you work on the commitment, action becomes effortless.

Most people think they are committed, because they want something, but commitment is different!

Commitment is doing the things you need to when you don’t feel like it!  Procrastination is not doing the thing you need to because you don’t feel like it! 

If you are committed to results, you will be committed to tackling your procrastination.

To illustrate the cycle you might find yourself in when procrastinating, look at the below…it kind of looks like this….


Do you resonate with this? What does your procrastination cost you?

What the consequences of procrastination in your life? How does it affect your career and performance? What about relationships?

Unfortunately there is another less obvious cost of procrastination, it is not only the cost of inaction, but the cost to your psychology. I am sure, if you are like most people, you beat yourself when you don’t follow through with your own word. If you do this a few times, it is enough to start creating an identity of yourself that isn’t true, and a belief, so the cycle continues.

Do you want to break the cycle? Here is how you can start to overcome procrastination and how you can use the moment of procrastination, to support you instead of hindering you.

It is worth highlighting the obvious, you must plan, and plan strategically to set yourself up to win.    I’m sure you know that even though you have a plan, it doesn’t necessarily mean you are going to follow through with it either.  Resistance comes up and suddenly you find it difficult to take action.

When this happens, I invite you to ask yourself the following questions to identify what is holding you back…..

Key Question:

What am I lacking that If I had, would make it easier to take action now?

Identify the gap – the resistance – give it a name!

If you are lacking motivation,
ask yourself

  • Why is it more painful to not take action than taking action?
  • What are the costs of my inaction?
  • What would make this more motivating?
  • Why am I motivated to take action?


If you are lacking clarity,
ask yourself

  • What am I not clear on that is preventing me from taking action?


If you are lacking confidence,
ask yourself

  • Where am I not feeling confident specifically?
  • What can I do to feel more confident….

Here are a few examples of ways you can use questions to identify what is really holding you back.


If procrastination if holding you back from taking your life to the next level, or even maintaining what you have now – reach out for support, contact me for a complimentary session to see how I can support you here. 

Get a copy of my latest bookTapping into Neuro-Productivity – where you will learn all the secrets to master productivity, not only strategy, but psychology as well!  


To your success! 

Kirstin ODonovan



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