Success skills

One Key Skill All Aspiring Entrepreneurs Need To Master!

Starting your own business has many challenges in general, nevermind the fact that we also have to start off wearing many hats as an entrepreneur. It is no surprise then that one of the most common challenges most aspiring entrepreneurs face, considering all we have to take on as an entrepreneur, is time management of course, how to effectively manage time.  Time management is a voluntary skill that you learn, you are not born with these skills, actually it seems quite the opposite, the majority of people have shocking time management habits, sadly most of us are not aware just how much this undermines results.

When starting out, most entrepreneurs go from working very little to suddenly working 12 hour days, feeling overwhelmed, stressed out … Read the rest

Increase Productivity

Is your communication affecting your productivity?

Most of the time we assume we are communicating effectively but how often do you say ¨what i meant was…¨ or ¨I don´t think you understood me clearly?¨ Do you find that you have to repeat something simply because an email has been misinterpreted or a conversation misunderstood? Learning to communicate effectively is a skill that you need to develop if you want to excel in your relationships and increase your productivity. Here are some simple ways to boost your communication to positively impact your results.

Organize your thoughts

Before you need to communicate something important. If you need to talk about ideas or if you really ardent about something, you could really benefit from thinking about some key points you want to communicate before. … Read the rest

Increase productivity

5 Simple Ways to Increase your Productivity now

Not everybody wants to be more productive to achieve more; some of us just want to be more productive with what we are currently doing. I don´t believe there are many who could not benefit from learning how to improve, to better manage time and to learn skills to make one more productive. Imagine leaving work at the end of the day, feeling like you have accomplished everything you know you could have, you were productive and now you can leave work and disconnect until the next day. Unfortunately, most of us leave work, stressed from everything that we didn’t finish that day and overwhelmed, thinking about the next day. It really doesn’t need to be this way; it really is your choice.

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