It’s not time you are lacking, it is something else…

How often do you say – ‘I don’t have time?’

You are not lacking time, you are lacking something else – 15 second success tip


We all have 24 hours a day – how much you get done depends on how productive you are. BUT what i find with 99% of my clients, it’s never time that is lacking, but something else…motivation, clarity, willpower, etc

If you find that something else, you will find the time.

To Your Success!

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Change your story and change your life!

Are you unconsciously sabotaging your own success?

If some of the stories that you are telling yourself aren’t supporting your goals, you are doing yourself a huge injustice!

Watch my one minute success Tip on ‘Your Story’ or read the full article here on addicted2success.com

Notes from the video:

  • Hold stories about ourselves which are limiting ourselves.
  • Stories are not aligned with goals – will struggle to achieve our goals.
  • Which stories are giving you the same results – the results you don’t want?

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1 Minute Success Tip – Overcoming Procrastination

Is procrastination stopping you from achieving your goals?

When it seems like you can’t seem to take action with the same intention and you find yourself procrastinating, instead of just putting it off again, take the time to dig a little further. Watch my 1 Minute Success Tip to find out how to overcome your procrastination.

Notes from the video

  • Procrastination is a sign that something is not aligned with your goals, actions and beliefs.
  • Ask yourself “What is missing right now? That if i was here, i would be able to take action”.
  • Keep asking yourself what you need to do to make it easier to take action, what do you need to work on. Why are you feeling resistance? What is not right?

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