Effective Time Management

6 Steps to Get Organized in 30 Days

Do you ever feel like you are working and working, but the results just don’t reflect the time you have put in? Or perhaps, you feel like you do so much, however at the end of the day you have a sense that you didn’t actually accomplish a lot? If you answered a ‘resounding’ yes to both, you are not alone.

Many people spend most of their days jumping aimlessly from one task to another, trying to get as much done as possible, however, there really is a more effective way to work and get organized with your time…

Getting organized will allow you to reap the rewards for the time and effort you put it. You see, and I am sure you know this … Read the rest


Effective Time Management Tips for the Entrepreneur – Part 5

Time Management Tip Number 5 – if you haven’t read the earlier chapters, take a moment to go back and read the first 4 parts…they are all essential ingredients to your success!

Part 1 – Identify your time thieves
Part 2 – Making a few necessary tweaks
Part 3 – Moving Forward
Part 4 – Putting everything together

Let’s start by imagining there were 26 hours in a day, not 24, how would you feel? How different would your life and business results be if you just had an extra 2 hours a day?

Well, let’s be honest, you could have an extra 2 hours a day if you really made the effort. Did you know that 1 hour of planning will save 10 hours … Read the rest