Improve your life

The Only Limits in Life Are Those That You Set Yourself

How many times have you held yourself back from doing what you really wanted? How often do you convince yourself that you don’t have what it takes to achieve what you want? For most of us, this happens often and more times than it should. Why is that?

We all have a desire to have a good life and to do the things that make us happy, but yet, at the same time; we sabotage ourselves from ever satisfying our desires. For many, the thought of a better life remains the elusive dream, but it really doesn’t have to. You can have all you desire, you can achieve what you want, because most of the limits you have, you actually set yourself. Of course, it … Read the rest

Productive Mornings

How To Make Your Mornings More Productive And More Enjoyable!

Do you struggle to get yourself up and out in the mornings? Do you find that your mornings are the most difficult part of the day? Most of us do. What most people decide to do in the mornings, most often make their mornings more difficult than they really need to be, ironic I know. Yes, sometimes you are your own worst enemy!

When you work for yourself, making your mornings productive is a huge challenge for many, especially when you dictate your own hours. Once you get out of bed, what you decide to do next, largely influences how your day goes; it most often sets the tone for the day. If you rush around like a headless chicken, because you woke up late, … Read the rest

Time Management

How Your Subjective Time Affects You!

We all know what objective time is; today is April 2nd 08:15am, however, most of us live by our own subjective view of time. Do you find that you often use your own sense of time instead of real time?  Think about the times when you have felt that time was passing you by so slowly, perhaps you were waiting for a phone call or sitting in the doctor’s office.  On the other hand, remember when time felt like it passed so quickly, perhaps you were on holiday or at a party.

I’m sure you know the expression ‘Time flies when you have having fun’ or ‘Time crawls when you want it to go fast’.  It is understandable that we all have our own … Read the rest