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Guest Post: From Forgotten to Forbes – 3 Shy People Who Found Their Niche

If you’ve always been the quiet one with an overwhelming fear of social networking and a tendency to hang back at parties — not to worry. You’re far from alone. Nearly half of the adults in the world describe themselves as shy, according to PsychCentral — the mental health social network owned by Dr. John Grohol, Psy.D.

The good news is that in today’s world of digital communications and global tolerance, shyness is no longer a limitation on earning potential. There may still be certain careers for shy people that are more suitable than others, but you can succeed in any industry by taking inspiration from the pioneers who came before you.

Steve Jobs: Founder of Apple Computers

Self-made billionaire Steve Jobs first landed on … Read the rest

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7 Easy Ways To Start A Morning Routine – Boost Your Productivity before leaving home!

When I was younger, I really struggled with mornings in general; I just didn’t enjoy them at all. I would get up half annoyed and irritated because I wanted to sleep longer. In my zombie state, I would shower, throw on my clothes, grab my things, and rush out. I either felt stressed and frazzled by the time I arrived at work or I was still half asleep and needed a ton of coffee to get me going.

Doesn’t sound like the most productive way to start my day, I know. I knew I needed to desperately change my morning routine  and here is why…

How you arrange your morning and how you feel when you start your day sets the tone for the rest … Read the rest