Time Management

Why Time-Management Skills are Essential

In today’s competitive world, it is natural to find yourself hard pressed for time as you juggle around multiple responsibilities. You might be an extremely talented individual, but given the limitation of time and energy available at your disposal, you might benefit from learning a couple of time management skills. An increasing number of working professionals are realizing the need of effective time management techniques in order to improve productivity in different areas of work, career, personal interests and social activities.

Productivity coaching helps you to manage your time and create more time, by identifying unproductive behaviour patterns and adopting better work management techniques. Often you will find that technology and the gadgets which were supposed to provide you with extra free time, have actually … Read the rest

Failure and Success

Do You Know Where You are Sabotaging your own Success?

Who doesn´t want to be successful in life? Whatever success means to you…

Most people hold a secret ambition of attaining success in life, unfortunately only very few people are really able to convert their ambition, their dreams and true potential into success. Many people may feel that they have come across a great idea and they are confident of their abilities and talent, but for some reason, they are unable to turn that vision into a reality. What is it that essentially separates the successful ones from the could-have-been-successful ones in life?

Many people associate success with good luck, but this is just a weak hearted approach to console oneself. Instead of attributing the success of people who have made it to random factors … Read the rest