Productivity Coaching

What unproductive people miss out on!

How could being more productive change your life?

While many people decidedly want to be more productive, they don’t often have a clear picture as to how being productive could make their lives so much better.

Understanding the benefits of having productive lifestyle patterns will not only motivate you to make the effort for various changes, but will also help you gain a clearer idea as to what you’re working for and what you are capable of achieving!

When You’re More Productive You’re Able To:

1. Achieve more of what you want:
What do you want to accomplish in your life? Think about all the things you would like to achieve and what you would need to do in order to achieve them. Many of … Read the rest


MTM – Making meetings more manageable

MTM – Making meetings more manageable

Have you ever left a meeting with a confused or unclear idea as to what decisions were reached, perhaps with a sense that your time was not used constructively or that some topics were simply not discussed? Unfortunately, this happens more often than you can imagine.

The reasons are many and varied: people in meetings often spend too much time on one subject and run out of time to discuss others at length, other times participants disagree and fail to reach clear-cut decisions, etc.

It is the role of the chairperson to ensure that all the topics on the agenda are discussed in a timely manner and that decisions are reached. However more often than not, time runs out … Read the rest