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The Time Management Secret All Successful People Share

What is one of the most common excuses you hear when talking to people about some of the things they want to do in life? They say, ¨I´d love to do xxx, but I just don’t have the time!¨ right? We make up excuses and limit ourselves too easily. How many of us have actually tried to take control over the time we have? You cannot create time but you can definitely control what you do with your time.

Time management and Productivity are directly related to success and living stress free lives. All successful people manage their time well. The problem most people have with time-management is that they think about it in the wrong way. Time-Management starts from the way you look at … Read the rest

Manage stress Effectively

Guest Post – Tips to Combat the Stresses and Strains of the Daily Grind.

“With all its sham, drudgery and broken dreams, it is still a beautiful world. Be cheerful. Strive to be happy.”

Desiderata by Max Ehrmann

According to the Health and Safety Executive, almost half a million people suffer from work related stress. Quite often, healthy individuals with no mental health history can be affected by stress and have to take time off work. In many instances, this stress is unnecessary and can be avoided.

Work related bullying
Everyone remembers the school bully, but when we move into the workplace we expect bullying to be left behind in the schoolyard. Sadly, this is not always the case and there are many people that report their stress is down to persecution from the office or factory bully. Don’t … Read the rest

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How To Get Rid Of Stress At The Office

If you have a lot of work on your hands and you cannot handle all of it in an efficient manner, you most probably constantly feel overwhelmed and even completely out of control. Do your days seem to be filled with only doing things that are coming your way, putting out fires, and everything seems urgent? Working this way directly increases the stress in your life, compromises your health and it really doesn´t need to be this way.

The amount of stress you can feel can be very realistic, but it can also be your perspective of the situation and you might also unconsciously be creating most of it yourself. The extent that you get stressed can be better managed and reduced with a few Read the rest