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How to Optimize Your Office Space

I am sure you have heard it before, ‘a messy office reflects a messy mind’. In other words, if your external environment is disorganized and in a mess, your internal thinking and organization is most likely as well. You might be surprised just how much influence your office space has on you; being in a disorganized environment definitely makes you feel more overwhelmed and stressed and less productive.

I remember when I first changed my office space and revamped it to create my ideal space and there was an immediate difference on many levels. I felt renewed and re-energized, which made me feel even more motivated. Looking around I felt calmness and clarity that I never felt before.

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Time management

TIP OF THE WEEK – Where did my time go?

How often do you leave work wondering where all the time went? How often do you feel that you could have achieved more that day? If you answered ‘yes’, it might be that your day consists of putting out fires and jumping aimlessly from task to task.

Are you crystal clear exactly how you are spending your time? If you are not aware of how you are spending your time, you can’t effectively identify what you are struggling with. It is a very revealing exercise and you may be shocked when you see the facts in front of you. Studies show that we waste heaps of time, up to 40% of the work day with time wasters. That is almost more than half of your … Read the rest

Managing emails

Are you a slave to email?

There is no doubt that the advent of email has changed billions of lives and literally the way we work. Of course, we all know the benefits of email and how it has enabled us to take productivity to another level completely. It can also undermine your productivity if you are not using it correctly though.

How often do you find yourself checking your email, every 5 minutes, 30 minutes, 3 hours? The next important question is how effectively do you manage your email? We have many tools which assist us in being more productive and optimizing our time, but most often, we don’t pay attention to optimizing the tools we have.

You know if you are not managing your email effectively because:

  • You always

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