Manage fear effectively

Powerful ways to move forward from fear

We have all experienced fear on some level and most of us know how debilitating it can make one feel, it stops you in your tracks. There are many different types of fears, some are good and some are bad, or irrational and rational. If you have a fear for your safety in a dangerous area, that is obviously a good fear, it is protecting you and keeping you safe. What about fears that don´t serve you? What about fears that stop you from achieving your dreams and hopes and moving forward? Unfortunately there are too many people who give up to easily and give into fear.

I believe there are many people who have a vision of a life they would love to have … Read the rest


Your Productivity Is Proportional To Your Ability To Relax

How often do you genuinely feel relaxed? Every day, once a week, once a month? Think about a typical day at the office or wherever you work, do you generally go about your days feeling more relaxed or more uptight? The majority of us don´t do well in anything if you we aren’t really relaxed. Imagine making decisions, negotiating a deal or trying to delegate effectively when you are feeling tense! Being relaxed allows for maximum control and focus in the situation.

When your mind is full with all the stressful things going on in your life and work – it is not productive; it can be distracting and an unnecessary source of stress. The more relaxed and free you feel, the more creative and … Read the rest