Timemanagement tips

If you really want to make a positive change, you need to put results before comfort!

How often do you procrastinate because you just don’t feel like doing something? Do you find that you have a deep desire to change what isn’t working but you just can’t take the first step? It is really perplexing, confusing and downright frustrating sometimes, when you want to change but you seem to hold yourself back.

As humans, we naturally resist change; we want to stay in our comfort zone, that is where we feel safe and in control. When you start to change, you will feel a strong pull to go back to what is comfortable and this must be expected, it is a natural tendency that we have. Unfortunately though, change doesn’t happen in our comfort zones, change happens when we step out … Read the rest

Effective Time Management Tips For the Entrepreneur

Effective Time Management Tips For the Entrepreneur – Part 1

Time Management Tip Number 1 –Suppose you arrive home one day and to your horror, you discover that water is leaking from a small hole in your garage roof. On the floor a small puddle is starting to form and you race to find a patch, something that you can use to stop the leak. Once you have stopped the leak, you breathe a sigh of relief!

We tend to treat our time management problems in the same way, using a quick fix to bring us temporarily relief. Is the problem really fixed though? What actually caused the leak in the first place and how long until it appears again?

Effective time management is about looking for the root of the problem, not a … Read the rest

Increase productivity

Improved Staff Performance, Productivity and Engagement – Guest Post

From small businesses to large companies, employers can always benefit from improving employee productivity. A great deal is often spent on training to achieve this – but if employee engagement is lacking, this may produce minimal results.

On-site massage is increasingly being recognized as a cost-effective means of both improving job satisfaction and performance, with much deeper benefits than simply relaxing the worker at their desk.

A series of Lottery-funded research projects were undertaken by Positive Pressure (in conjunction with Living Well West Midlands and Birmingham Health & Wellbeing Partnership), on the effectiveness of seated acupressure massage in the workplace.

These studies were carried out at 4 large companies in the West Midlands: RBS, Birmingham Council, Centro and NEC, and results were taken over a … Read the rest