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 August 2, 2013

Authored by CEO’s, leaders, and experts from the U.K., India, Bangladesh, Trinidad, Spain, South Africa, Australia, Canada, Kenya, Puerto Rico, and the United States,  chapters include powerful personal and professional leadership tools including “Reigniting the  Power”, “Breaking Into the Boy’s Club and Succeeding”, “Stepping Outside the Box”, “The Confident Mindset”, “The Power of NO”…..and more!

This highly anticipated book will be available after August 2nd from the contributing authors, publisher, and Amazon Books.

Contact author: Kirstin O’Donovan

Chapter: “The Confident Mindset”

Professional Woman Publishing


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Increase productivity

The Best Way to View Your Time!

We all struggle with time management in one way or another or at certain times in our lives. We all share memories of feeling stressed and overwhelmed, of frustration because we just don’t have enough time and we end up feeling helpless. Hopefully that is a memory for you and not your daily experience. You see most of us have difficulty trying to achieve all of the things we want and to fit in everything we need to, however, this difficulty can easily be overcome by understanding the way you are viewing time.

Time management should be treated as one of the most important areas to improve in life, why? Because that is what your life is made up of. We all have 24 hours … Read the rest

Manage fear effectively

How to manage your fears effectively!

Does fear hold you back and limit your life? Do you feel paralyzed by fear sometimes? In this short video clip, I’m going to share my advice on how you can learn to manage your fears effectively and finally start to overcome your fears!


If you feel really stuck and lost as to how you can master your fears and you need the support of a professional to help you break your limitations in life – contact me for a free discovery session to see how I can help you! Read the rest