Time Management Skills

Do you make this time management mistake?

If you feel like you are consistently struggling to find time, you are not alone. Commitments, responsibilities and chores are always increasing, but time isn’t. You can complain that there simply is not enough time to do everything, or you can take control over your time and do something about it.

Just imagine how much better your life could be with an extra hour a day? That is an extra 7 hours a week! The ironic part is that it isn’t difficult at all to free up an hour a day.

Do you constantly complain that you never have time? Are you guilty of protesting continuously, but never doing anything about it?

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Increase Productivity

One simple way to increase productivity ten-fold

How to increase productivity ten-fold – How many things do you intend to do but never actually end up doing? A lot, a little, are you even aware? If the extent of your productivity is determined by the amount of things you do get done compared to the amount of things you could get done, what would your equation look like?

If you think about ways to increase productivity, you might think along the lines of traditional time management tips and techniques to implement to be more efficient with your time. This is a great approach of course, but there is another approach that is sorely overlooked.

It is simple – to be completely honest with yourself about how much you procrastinate in life. Most … Read the rest