Where you might be going wrong with time management

Effective time management starts with a deeper understanding of what really isn’t working and what is contributing to these results.  We all want more time for ourselves, who doesn’t? Even just one or two hours extra a day would make the world of a difference for many I’m sure! The ironic part however, is that if you manage your time more effectively, you can save up to hours a week.

So where does everyone go wrong then? Why do so many people still struggle to manage their time and increase productivity? From my experience, there are three main reasons.

1) Time management isn’t only a surface level problem. We tend to think of time management as something external, unrelated to anything that might be going … Read the rest

Increasing productivity

Increase productivity – move from the effect to the cause

‘Increasing productivity’ is a phrase you hear more and more each day. We can all feel the speed at which the world is changing. Demands are always increasing, output is greater than ever and unless you keep up, you could easily be left behind.  What does it actually mean, though, to be more productive?

In the working world, this generally applies to how much you are able to produce and in what time frame. Some individuals are able to achieve much more in half the time it takes others, yes, they are most likely more productive in the way they work.

If you want to increase your productivity, developing time management skills will certainly support you, but there is something very simple which most of … Read the rest


Effective Time Management Tips for the Entrepreneur – Part 4

Time Management Tip Number 4 – If you have been following these series, you will remember that first we have looked at how to identify your time thieves in part 1, answering the question, –  ‘What exactly are you doing wrong?’ In Part 2, we looked at what changes you need to make to your existing situation, before adopting new techniques – Making the necessary tweaks. Lastly, in Part 3, we outlined how you can move forward, with this new information and how to structure your time, starting with goal setting for your business.

In Part 4, we will use the list of goals you created for your business in part 3 and I’ll show you how to create a to-do list from … Read the rest