Re-Set Your Body Clock to Re-Seize Your Day

by Varinia Rodriguez

When living a busy lifestyle, the desire to get most out of the day becomes the driving principle.  “Carpe diem” may turn into your day seizing you. In some businesses, sleep deprivation can be seen as a badge of honor as to who got to accomplish more. And while sprinting through the day seems like a great way to get things done fast, the wear and tear on the mind, body, and soul accumulates.  The anxiety creeps up and one can still feel the looming sense that “time famine,” the feeling of not enough hours in the day, is snapping at your heels.

In the piece, “The Truth on Sleep and Productivity” Kirstin recommends shifting your routine to include a … Read the rest


5 Ways Perfectionism Is Killing Your Productivity

When I was younger, I had always thought of myself as a perfectionist. I was obsessed with having everything neat, organized and structured. Having everything in place just gave me such a high.  I thought this was being a perfectionist, but the more I got to know the ‘real perfectionists’ – the clearer it became that I was definitely not!

I am more of ‘you don’t need to get it right, you need to get it going’ type of person, whereas perfectionists are more of ‘these are the rules and standards I have placed on something and this is not negotiable, come hell or high waters.’ 

What I realized is there is a fine balance between high standards and getting things done and this is Read the rest