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You can’t change who you are…

I have always been a big fan of anything related to personal growth. I find it exciting and so empowering to know that with the right tools I can change and create what I want. Of course, I didn’t always feel this way; I used to think quite differently.

One of the biggest changes came about when I started to differentiate between who I am as a person and who I am being. When I first set out to change my life around years ago, there were so many moments when I wanted to give up. I would tell myself that maybe this is just who I am and I must just accept it. Does that sound familiar?

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Effective Time Management Tips for the Entrepreneur – Part 6

Time Management Tip Number 6 – Part 6 is all about expecting to be challenged….

Why is change so hard?

Let’s take a pause and reflect back on how easily you have been able to apply the time management tips given in earlier posts.

Have you been able to apply the tips given effectively? What challenges are coming up for you?  This is something you can expect to happen and in part 6, we will look at why making change is so challenging and why you can expect to be challenged to a certain degree.

To really understand why change is so difficult, we first need to look at what happens when we start to change the way we normally do things.


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