Are you thinking or thoughting?

No, I didn’t make a spelling mistake and yes, I know this word doesn’t exist, but let me explain further. Throughout the day, you are bombarded with thoughts coming in and out of your mind. Did you know that on average, you have between 60 000 to 70 000 thoughts a day? Thoughting doesn’t require any effort, whereas thinking does.

Thinking is when you make an effort to focus your thoughts on a certain subject or matter, for example. Thinking is like giving your thoughts targeted direction; you put deliberate effort into it and thoughting you don’t. All day, you have thoughts flowing in and out of your mind and your thoughts basically come from your beliefs about this world. We all share the same … Read the rest


Personal strategic planning for success!

If you have ever started a business, you know that strategic planning is key to your success.  The biggest goal for your business is to succeed, so a lot of time, resources and effort are put into this stage. What about your personal life though? If we know that strategic planning is essential to the success of a business, why don’t we use personal strategic planning for the success in our own lives?

When it comes to our personal life, we tend to overlook how much control we have in having a fulfilled and happy existence.

In simple terms, strategic planning is made up of defining a strategic direction for your business and then deciding what resources you need to allocate to follow this strategy. … Read the rest


What is REALLY holding you back?

We all want to be happy and feel fulfilled with our life, it doesn’t seem like much to ask for, yet most of us really struggle to materialize our desires at times. You hear a lot of talk about wanting to make changes to be happier, but most often, there is no action backing it up. The biggest and most common struggle we all face at some stage or another is procrastination. It steals dreams and leaves you feeling disillusioned and helpless.

I remember before I started my business, for years I dreamed about what I would do, but I just never took that first step. Like many people, my own subjective opinion of time was clouding my vision and just before my 30th birthday, … Read the rest