Work Life Balance

How To Achieve The Elusive ¨Work-Life¨ Balance

Every day more and more people are finding it harder to separate their work from their personal life.  What once might have been a clear line now seems blurry.  Having balance between your work and personal life may seem like an impossible dream to many!

Do you feel overwhelmed and frustrated because some parts of your life are exactly where you want them to be while other parts suffer?  When you strive to achieve balance between your work and personal life, don´t make this a goal, rather, the goal should be to move towards balance. It is a continuous goal as your work and personal life change, so do your priorities and interests.

Time management skills and tools can really give you the push you … Read the rest


You don’t have time to improve your time?

It is not uncommon to hear how many people complain that they want more time, but they don´t have time to improve their time, sounds almost like a catch 22 situation, doesn´t it? Implementing a time management system, analyzing your personal productivity systems and structures and making the necessary changes can take hours.

Of course this is the best long term solution but what about those who desperately need to improve their time now but want to start small and go step by step? If you want to just make one change that will dramatically free up much more of your time, master one skill and then once you have that developed it to a T, start working on others.

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Manage Change effectively

How to Positively Cope With Change

Change is inevitable in all areas of our lives as some point or another, you either embrace it or you resist it! How much change have you experienced over the last few months in your personal and your work life? How did you react and how easy was it for you? If you resist and fight against change, you create a problem and most likely, you will be the one to suffer the most and be very stressed in the end. However, if you are flexible and you welcome change, you will be adaptable and more opportunities will open up for you, especially in the working environment.

The way we perceive change can vary from person to person regarding the same situation. Some see change … Read the rest