In today’s fast-paced world, it is very important to be able to get things done efficiently. Just like a machine needs to be in good shape to work well, our minds also need the right circumstances to work their best. Sadly, we are not responsible for creating these circumstances, and we are not even aware of what they are.

You cannot get what you truly want if your mind is confused and disorganized. If you want to boost your productivity, start by learning how the brain works and how to use it well. If you can dedicate enough time to a few important tasks each week and still have time for your regular work, you will achieve more than you think is achievable.

Here are 5 rules about how your brain works and ways you can make it more organized.


Clam your mind

Have you ever felt like you couldn’t think clearly. Too much stress makes it hard to focus.

For your brain to work well, it needs to be in the right conditions. To be able to pay attention and complete tasks well, come up with new ideas, solve problems, and be productive and organized.

When your thoughts are all over the place and you feel hijacked by them, you first need to calm your mind before anything else.

You can do this by doing various mindfulness exercises. You can also try staying silent for a moment and taking deep breaths, or you can make yourself feel happier by thinking positive thoughts.

Imagine a group of musicians playing instruments but not playing well together and not making pleasing sounds. That is how a very excited mind behaves. If you feel upset and overwhelmed, you can calm yourself down by using the techniques mentioned above or seeking help from a coach to learn how to manage your emotions better.

Short Focus

The brain works better when we can concentrate on one thing for a long time without getting interrupted. Remove anything that can distract you or divert your attention, like noises, notifications, and other disruptions. Then choose something that you would like to do or accomplish. Begin the job and employ the pomodoro technique.

Take a look at the list of things you need to do and choose one.
You can easily find a countdown on the internet or use your phone.
Start a countdown clock for 25 minutes.
Focus on your task until the alarm goes off.

Step on the brakes

Even if you are trying really hard to pay attention, you can still get distracted. When this happens, use the

The ABC Method is a way of doing something.

A – Aware – You wake up and then notice there is something distracting you.

B – Take a minute to breathe – and then

C – Choose where you want to focus your attention. Consider if the thing that is diverting your attention is valuable enough to take priority over the task you are currently focusing on.

This has been proven to be the most effective. Sometimes when we act like we’re not paying attention to something that’s distracting us, it’s still there in our mind and making it hard for us to concentrate.

Use your brain’s potential to increase your productivity

Your working memory is the place where ideas originate from. You can’t change or make it bigger right now. It is what you do in your life. There are three main things that can impact your short-term memory.

Getting enough sleep.
Exercising helps the brain receive more oxygen and nutrients.
What you eat and the act of eating also have an impact. Your brain cannot store energy. It can only use the energy already in your body.

If you don’t give your mind the right fuel, you can’t expect to think clearly and have it working at its best. There are some types of food that make us feel tired and there are some types of food that make us feel energized. Make sure to drink plenty of water and learn about superfoods. This will help improve your mind and overall well-being. If you want to boost your productivity, you cannot ignore how you fuel yourself.


Set-shifting refers to the ability to switch from mind to body.

After you have concentrated deeply on something, you would like to take a strong break for 5 minutes. Set shifting is about changing your attention from your thoughts to your physical self. Concentrate completely on the new task and forget about the previous one.

Take a 5 minute break, walk around. Have you ever been walking and suddenly found an answer to a problem. This is an example of how changing your thinking can help you come up with new ideas. Once you have had a break, you shift all your focus to the next task.

These “rules of the mind” can help you change the way you think and behave in life. You won’t feel worried or stressed; you’ll feel more confident and organized.

When the mind is organized and follows a certain order, you are using your full potential.

Having an organized mind helps to clear your thoughts, reduces stress, and improves your ability to concentrate on what you are doing. When our thoughts and actions match well, it leads to a life that is balanced, productive, and better able to handle opportunities and challenges.

By including these techniques in your everyday routine, you can boost your productivity and discover your true abilities.

From Chaos to Clarity

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