Setting Goals

Why people don´t set goals and why they should!

One of the objectives of improving your productivity is to be able to achieve more in less time and one of the easiest ways to do this is through goal setting. Or alternatively, maybe you want to be more productive about creating more balance in your life, whatever the reason, you need to set goals.  Once you have set clear goals, you then need to develop the habits and strategies that will support you in achieving your goals. Just thinking about your goals is only 10% of the job.

I am a huge advocate for goal setting and it amazes me how many people don’t know the importance of goal setting. I´ve found that the majority of the people I work with who don’t set … Read the rest

Improve your life

Discover the ways you are sabotaging your happiness!

How often do you find yourself struggling to let go of what someone said, something that happened, or something you did or didn’t do. It is almost like you are hanging on to something and you can´t let go, perhaps you don’t even realize you are doing it. The extent to which you hang onto something can vary from staying angry all day because somebody cut you off in the traffic to not speaking to someone for years because of something that happened a long time ago.  The two are very different; however they are both examples of letting go.

I want to focus more on the latter example, learning how to move forward and let go when you need to most. The problem of … Read the rest