How long have you been wanting to improve your productivity and get more organized? Has it been years, something that you have wanted for so long, you are doubting whether it is possible now? Maybe you are in a new role or job and you now really need to step up your productivity and manage your time at a completely different level to succeed.

Where do you start? Knowing this is KEY to productivity and to make any real changes last. It might seem obvious; look at how you are currently managing your time and where you can improve, right? Well, this is what most people do. However, if it was that easy, we would all be able to adopt some new tricks and tips and instantly be better. It doesn’t happen in that sequence, unfortunately.

The reason that people cannot get more organized, even if they wanted to, or have success, is because they are coming from the exact same mindset that got them there. If you want to really catapult your productivity to the next level and make massive changes in how you manage your time and show up, you must change your current relationship with time.

Let’s say that you want to get out of being reactive so often, and you know that you don’t plan any of your week or days, and you feel like you can’t because you are just putting out fires. You want more balance in your life and you decide that you are going to start with just planning 1 hour a day to do focused work.

Let’s say that you block that time off, but when it comes to that hour, you found yourself running around and doing everything but focused work. What did you actually say to yourself in those minutes?

It is not the hack that is difficult, the fact is that you are making it difficult by the language and thought process at that moment. Here are 3 of the most common sentences and language that you might be using, that will always keep you from being productive.

These phrases just keep you in a cycle of wanting to improve and then you immediately hold yourself back.

With all the motivation and intention to improve your time management, if you couple that with your old excuses like…’I don’t have time’, ‘I am so busy’ or ‘I’m so stressed or overwhelmed’ – well done in making it difficult for yourself 🙂 Yes, i get it, maybe you ‘feel like you don’t have time’ and that you are ‘busy or stressed’. It doesn’t matter, we know that, so stop reinforcing it because you just create more of it.

Here is the hard truth you might now want to hear, but you might also really need to:

1. If you say ‘ I don’t have time’ – what you are really saying is: I don’t know how to leverage my time or be resourceful, or plan better.

2. If you say, ‘I am so busy’ – what you are really saying is that you are being lazy in thinking of better ways to do things and you are acting on autopilot to put out fires.

3. If you say, ‘ I am so stressed or overwhelmed ‘, what you are really saying is ‘ I don’t know how to manage my emotions’.

The words that come out of our mouths are a direct reflection of our mindset, and how we perceive and manage life. If you want to make an improvement in your time management, productivity, and how organized you can be, start with how you are looking at your time.

We know that we all have the same amount of hours, so take the responsibility back on yourself and stop regurgitating limiting excuses about why things are the way they are, and when you do, the next step becomes easier!

Learn how to Tap into your Neuro-productivity and finally improve your productivity and get the results you have always desired.

You have unconsciously created these habits and now you can consciously create differently. So the first thing I suggest you do if you want to free up your time is: to start to bring awareness to your language and get clear on your relationship with time. You will know exactly what you are in conflict with and what you want to change, as your thoughts must be aligned. If you want to have more wealth but you say that you will never have money, well, I think it might be a conflict. Get it?

Awareness is the first step! You got this! Reach out if you need support

To your success!

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