Are you struggling to remember simple things throughout the day on a regular basis? Is your memory so far gone you don’t even know little you’re actually remembering? No, this isn’t the start of an infomercial, and we’re not selling you some obscur-named prescription medicine either. We’re here to talk about how to increase productivity in the workplace.

But before we get into our tips to improve your memory, we have to quickly break down the three kinds of memory people have: long-term, short-term, and sensory — that way you have three angles to work with.

Long-term memories, as the name suggests, stay in our heads for long periods of time. Short-term memories come and go, but they have the potential to turn into short term memories. Sensory memories are even shorter and are associated with sensory stimuli like smells, tastes, and sounds.

Understanding that these three types of memories exists gives those of us who have a lot of trouble remembering a strong chance of retaining important information that will naturally increase productivity.


This infographic by GetVoIP is going to break down fifteen tips for improving your memory to increase productivity that are easy to implement and fit into your daily routine.


Memory Skills for increasing productivity from GetVoIP


Now that you understand how memory works and how easy these tips to implement into your daily routine are, you can start improving your memory today. The key to doing this successfully is by staying consistent with these tips. It takes time to form good habits. With time, you’ll start seeing significant improvements in your memory and increases in productivity in the workplace.

This doesn’t just make you better at whatever your job is. Better memory and increased productivity increase customer experiences, increase employee experiences, and increase overall happiness outside the office by increasing confidence in your own abilities. There’s absolutely no reason to wait, and why would you? The sooner you start, the sooner you should see results.


Guest Post – Reuben Yonatan

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