Watch this quick video to help you improve your relationship with procrastination or read the text below 🙂

We have all procrastinated, right? And we will continue to do so, why? because procrastination is a part of our brain that’s just giving us some information that we’re not ready to move forward. We make it so complicated 🙂

I’m going to share with you 3 simple questions that you can ask yourself next time you hesitate, when you need to take action, next time maybe freeze or you want to go into another direction

OK are you ready? Here they are.

First step

What am I actually lacking right now and what don’t I have that is actually stopping me, identify the reason?

Second step

Write it down, write down on a piece of paper and finally remove it from your mind, are you lacking clarity, are you lacking maybe confidence to move forward? maybe you’re lacking the motivation to move forward. Whatever it is, write it down, ‘What’s stopping me from moving forward’? and write it down.

Third step

Take action on that exact reason that you have listed in step number two, so if its clarity, you obviously want to ask yourself, ‘What am I not clear on?’ What do I need to get clear on to be unable to move forward?’

If you’re not feeling confident, is it that you need to ask how can you get more confident at that moment, is that you really are lacking confidence or maybe it’s just a perspective that you’re giving?

Maybe motivation? Maybe you need to motivate yourself at that moment? The point is by asking these three questions you’re going to understand yourself more and you’re going to identify what’s blocking you to be able to give yourself that awareness. And is that with that awareness that you can then take some action, because maybe something else needs to happen before you can take action.

So it’s mostly about understanding yourself and not judging yourself. So when you procrastinate, stop and ask yourself, ‘What’s really going on, what am I lacking?’ and then deal with that first, and you’re going to find it much easier to continue moving forward!

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