Like everything in life, your perspective on something is the meaning you give it. There are many ways to look at procrastination, and most of them, is that it not only steals dreams, but cripples success. However, there are other ways to look at it too…

Procrastinating can actually be beneficial when:

1. You manage it properly
Most people don’t manage procrastination properly and that is where the real damage really is. When you find yourself procrastinating, it is because something is not aligned. Either your goals, actions or mindset. The key is to identify in that moment what is missing, what is making it so hard for you to take action. If you reflect in that moment and really be honest with why you are feeling resistance – your inner voice will let you know what ‘the underlying misalignment’ is.

It could be lacking confidence, lacking motivation, or not having clarity, etc  The point is – if you can identify in that moment what is really going on at a deeper level – procrastination is beneficial because it’s the other part of you which can’t speak but it’s saying – ‘hey, there is something wrong that needs to be fixed’ and that awareness is a gift, because it is a hidden obstacle you have now uncovered! Click here to download your free report on – From Procrastination to Profit.

2. When you get to do the things you wouldn’t normally
As crazy as it sounds, sometimes when you find yourself looking for any way to keep busy except doing what you actually need to do – you’ll start to click through emails, tidy your desk, organize papers, etc. the tasks that bring no immediate value to your work. However, sometimes we need to actually ‘waste’ time organizing our space and cleaning papers – because when else will you realistically put aside time during working hours to do it? Also, a more organized space increases productivity; organizing files and cleaning your desk may seem like a waste of time, but you leave more organized and with less clutter – a clear benefit!

3. Disconnect unintentionally
It’s too easy to get sucked into work and not leave your desk for hours.  You become so focused you keep on going for hours, but the truth is – you become less productive when you don’t take breaks. So if you procrastinate doing something by opting into surfing the internet instead for 10 minutes– don’t beat yourself up too much. It’s been proven over again that you need to take breaks to disconnect and not ‘think’ and ‘social media procrastinating’ offers just that.

4. It’s your best friend in decision making
When you need to make big decisions in life, rushing in blindly to committing to something is the worst way you can make decisions. Procrastinating and reflecting on the facts of the decision but also how you feel, takes times.

Leave your mind to be ‘unrushed’ and it will become quieter and your inner voice of intuition becomes louder. It is this voice that always makes the best decisions for you, because it knows what is right for you – not the ‘logical’ part. So when you procrastinate with a decision and you just wait for an answer/feeling or a sign to come to you – you are probably doing it in the best way.

5. The unnecessary disappears and your prioritization improves
Another added benefit is that if you keep putting off the same task and it stays on your list – you can re-evaluate why it was so important to you in the beginning. Why did you have it on your list if it’s really not that important? Building skills to prioritize correctly is everything in staying productive and getting the right things done. When you start to see that you doing some tasks but others you never do, maybe it’s time to re-evaluate your prioritization skills.

Why have you put it on the list in the first place? Does it need to be done? Does it need to be done by you or can you delegate? Etc. Procrastinating will help you to prioritize your time better because you being to see which tasks you put off and maybe they never even needed to be there in the first place.

Nothing is good or bad ‘as such’,  but it is rather how you deal and manage it that really makes it ‘good’ or ‘bad’ for you.

To your Success

Kirstin ODonovan

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