We’ve all experienced inner conflict; those times when we want to do or perhaps change something important to us yet we struggle to take any action. When was the last time you felt torn between the part of you that wants to take action and the part of you that doesn’t? Have you ever found that even though you have all the best intentions, you still can’t muster any action to demonstrate your commitment?

Some people seem to effortlessly take action while others seem to struggle more with some unknown resistance.  If this resistance wasn’t there, taking action would be easy right? So what is really creating the resistance?  It is time to clear the inner conflict.

Inner conflict shows up as resistance towards taking action, this means something isn’t aligned; is it your actions, your mindset or your goals?  How can you be sure? You need to explore.

Here are some quick steps you can take to start clearing the inner conflict so you can take action on what is really important to you.

1.Check in with your vision
What are you ultimately working to achieve? Can you see it clearly in your mind?  If you lack any clarity, you are inviting resistance. You can’t move forward unless you are clear on where you want to go.

2. Why is this change or goal so important for you?
The purpose and reason behind everything you want to do and create is your motivation and fuel that will keep you going when you don’t feel like it. Get really clear on why this is a must for you and what it will mean to you to make this change or achieve your goal. It is your job to find the motivation to catapult you into unstoppable action.

3. You behave according to your beliefs
What if you have a clear vision and massive purpose and you still have resistance? Check in on your beliefs about what is possible for you. If your beliefs don’t support your dream, you will resist. It’s not only disempowering beliefs, but conflicting beliefs too.  This is a blind spot for most people. They want something, they believe they do but in achieving this, something else will be compromised, creating inner conflict.

4. Finally, is it your association?
Check in on how you feel about what you are doing. Often, we know what we need to do, but we don’t feel like doing it. You come up with all the excuses why you can’t take action. What you really need to do is stop entertaining those thoughts, and remind yourself why not taking action right now is in fact, more painful than taking action. Change your association towards what you want to do into a more positive one and action will be easier.


The truth is…

There are many reasons why you might not be achieving what you desire, however the first step in overcoming resistance is the same, acknowledge it and take action to identify what this resistance is telling you. Most people give up without ever understanding what really stopped them. They say I tried everything and I just couldn’t do it;  experience tells me they didn’t try everything. 

Anytime you set a goal and move towards it, whatever shows up is telling you what you need to work on to continue moving closer to your goal. It doesn’t mean you must stop and quit. If changing or achieving something so important to you was an easy breeze, it wouldn’t be worth it. There is nothing more gratifying than achieving what you most desire, and the journey you will go on to get there.  

Don’t give up just because you feel resistance and assume you can’t make the change. How about making it easier on yourself and finding out why! What is showing up? What does it mean? What do you need to do or believe differently? 

What sounds like common sense is definitely not common practice. The tools are out there, the real question is, are you using them? 

To your Success

Kirstin ODonovan

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