If you feel like you are consistently struggling to find time, you are not alone. Commitments, responsibilities and chores are always increasing, but time isn’t. You can complain that there simply is not enough time to do everything, or you can take control over your time and do something about it.

Just imagine how much better your life could be with an extra hour a day? That is an extra 7 hours a week! The ironic part is that it isn’t difficult at all to free up an hour a day.

Do you constantly complain that you never have time? Are you guilty of protesting continuously, but never doing anything about it?

Two types of relationships

It seems that there are two types of relationships people have with time; they are either always complaining there is not enough or they aren’t complaining. It is really as simple as that. The key to differentiate is ‘always’.

Even if you manage your time effectively and you have great time management skills, there will be times when you simply can’t get everything done. I am not referring to those situations, but those of you who complain about the same thing for months or even years, and you are still not doing anything about it.

Why don’t you change what you don’t like?

Think about another area in your life; imagine you had a recurring challenge with something. Would you fix that problem or keep complaining about it for months on? You would most likely fix it, right? What makes it so different with time then?

5 Top Reasons you might not be doing anything about it

1. You are actually unaware how often you complain
A lot of what you say or do might not actually be obvious to you. Take a quiet moment and think about how often you blame ‘a lack of time’ for something. Better yet, ask those around you, they will pick up on it for sure.

2. No motivation
You know you have to manage your time better, but you lack motivation to take action. Perhaps you don’t believe that this is something in your control or you can’t identify why you don’t have the motivation and energy. If you lack motivation to do something, work on getting the motivation you need to instead of resigning to simply what is.

3. You don’t know how to fix it
It is not easy to know what you need to change or what can be done when you might feel like most of the problem is out of your control.

There are no problems where solutions cannot be found. Get professional guidance if you know you have a challenge but you are unsure how to fix it.

4. You think you don’t have time to fix it and keep pushing this to the side.
If you don’t make the time to fix what isn’t working, you most likely will never have the time. If you set aside time to finally tackle the problem, you could free up much more of your time moving forward. First, you need to take a step back to keep moving forward.

5. You get something out of this
It might seem ironic, but perhaps blaming ‘a lack of time’ for not getting everything done gives you an excuse to stay where you are.

If you have more time, you would then have to do more, so subconsciously you prefer to stay in the situation that you know, instead of venturing into the unknown and perhaps, taking more on.

Do any of these resonate with you?

The hard truth

When people look back on their life at an old age, most of them say they wish they spent more time doing what they love. This is simple yet so profound. Regretting how you spend your life and time is in my opinion, the most helpless and debilitating place to be.

Life is not only about work, getting more and more done, trying to achieve as much as possible without stopping to enjoy what you have created. Life happens now, not in the future.

How you choose to spend your time will give you the life you have now. Stop here, reflect on your life and ask yourself. If I managed my time better, how different would my life be?

Nobody else is going to free up your time and create more time for you, you have to do it.

Change what isn’t working to manage your time better or stop complaining. But living in between where you don’t change and you simply complain is a really silly way to go about life, especially when you only have one!

If you complain about time, it might not be time that you lack, but rather time management skills.

Do the hard things that you need to do to have an easy life or do the easy things now, and have a hard life.

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