Madrid, 13 June 2012 – Productivity coaching has become a globally recognized platform for performance development and overall business skills, but for many Spanish speaking companies, coaching in English gives the chance to explore even more opportunities within the business world.

Two of the most critical challenges that organizations in Spain face when aiming to improve performance include the development of skills as well as the development of English language skills. English is the global dialect used to bridge the communication gap and Performance skills enable employees and managers to consistently meet strategic goals within the workplace. Dual coaching effectively focuses on both of these challenges, resulting in a powerful tool to improve business skills.

Language and Performance Coaching Designed for the Global Business Markets

Competitive advantages are often essential for businesses to stay ahead in the market. These advantages are relative to many aspects, but are most clearly defined by the ability to improve performance and build relationships on an internal and external basis. This is what makes combined language and performance skills coaching such a valuable asset to organizations seeking to stand out from their competitors.

Companies need to apply specific tools and actions to improve attitudes, modify behaviors and develop new skills. Developing relationships between proficient English speakers and Spanish speakers is also critical. Language skills allow businesses to find and implement new business opportunities in international environments, discover new technologies and innovations; achieve effective communication across multinational markets and strengthen relationships with suppliers and customers of other nationalities.

The Dual Coaching Approach

The dual coaching approach applies methodologies that meet the dual challenges relatively quickly and efficiently to achieve set objectives, and are designed for companies who wish to benefit from global business opportunities. Modules and skills development programs are taught in English by native speakers, with courses developed to suit specific needs. Key skills areas include, interpersonal communication, productivity, leadership, teamwork, business process and negotiation, among many other skills.

About the Dual Coaching Performance Program

The Two for One coaching program is powered by English productivity coaching company Top Results Coaching, who has partnered with VisionYValor. The program provides a cost-effective way to help businesses improve performance and language skills through one powerful course.

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