Everything we do starts with an intention….or does it? Well, it should but in fact, most of the time we are not aware of what our real intentions are. When you are clear on your intentions, you give shape and direction to your actions. When you start to question your intentions, that is when you really get into the driving seat and make conscious decisions about which road you want to take and why.

On average, around 40% of our daily actions are automatic, meaning; we are not making a conscious decision. This is not bad, we need our subconscious mind to take over sometimes and be the driving force. Unfortunately though, many of us act like robots, running on past programs and beliefs, even if those programs and beliefs aren’t serving us. We go to the shop and buy the same products each time, we go out for dinner and eat the same type of food.

Sometimes we need to stop and question our decisions, even the simplest ones.

For example, before getting up for a coffee, ask yourself, what is my intention and what is the best way to achieve that? Perhaps your intention is to just take a break and get a boost of energy. Then when you ask yourself, what is the best way to achieve this, you might find yourself saying, well, actually, it would be better to go for a walk and drink a bottle of cold water or fruit juice instead.

If you start to practice this technique, you will find that you would might actually decide to do something differently to get the same result or you might even stop doing that thing altogether, because you realize that you have no idea why you want to do that ( automatic programming ).

If you are going to watch a movie and do nothing all evening with the intention to relax, that is fabulous, enjoy it.  If you are watching TV with no intention, then you are simply running on automatic. Can you see the difference?

You can apply this to every area in your life. At work, when you walk into a meeting, what is your intention? Get clear on that and also, what is the best way to achieve that intention?

If you want to improve time management skills…why…what is your intention? What is it that you hope to gain from improving your skills?  When you connect intention with action…this gives you more motivation and targeted direction to achieve your results.

Next time you start something; ask yourself why you are doing this? Find the value in what you are doing and the motivation will follow.

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