I love to read inspiring quotes, I love the way a simple sentence can just uplift and take you to another energy level completely. Hearing words that inspire, motivate and move you, can really be the catalyst in having a good day. Most people find that if they don’t make an effort to focus on the positive and to bring some encouragement into their lives, it is easy to get caught up with the daily grind and get influenced by the negativity around us.

This quote really got my attention because I find that we focus on all the reasons why not and not on the reasons why it can happen. How often do you find that you focus on all the things that you don’t want to happen rather than the things that you do want to happen? Most of us unfortunately do this more often that we know.

When we fear something, it is normal to find yourself worried about this on a consistent basis. Most of your thoughts will be focused on what you fear and what that will mean to you. What actually happens though is that what you focus on expands, and so, you actually attract more of that energy and feeling.

Fear is a feeling, and our feelings come from our thoughts. When we are always thinking about fear, it is no wonder your body can feel it on a real physical level. Your body cannot tell the difference between a real or imagined fear and so when you fear something, your body will react as if it was in real danger.

So forget all the reasons by something won’t work, stop focusing on the possibility of failure or whatever it is that you fear. Start to believe in the reasons why it will work, start to focus on what amazing possibilities this world has in store for you. Start to let yourself dream, believe and have faith that it will work out just the way it is meant too. Don’t give fear a second thought, look it straight in the eye and tell it to get the hell out of your way!!

To your success!

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