Time management isn’t just important, it’s necessary no matter what sector you work in and especially if you run your own business. Your profits can depend on your time management skills.

Time-management consists of 3 main parts:


1. Environment

  • Create special conditions for work. Your environment has great impact on your effectiveness. That’s why you should turn off your phone and internet, including chat, email, and social media to avoid temptations and concentrate on your work completely.
  • Dedicate a specific time in your schedule to answer email and phone calls.
  • Focus on your most productive time of day.
  • Try to avoid going to events and outings that aren’t important or helpful to you.
  • Get at least 8 hours of sleep a night. Rest helps you concentrate and work better, so your productivity will increase.

2. Planning

Prioritize your tasks. All tasks can be divided according to importance and urgency. You can make use of the Eisenhower method. This technique was often used by U.S. President Dwight D. Eisenhower.

“Eisenhower box” helps to estimate urgency and importance of tasks:

Important tasks and urgent tasks:  These tasks must be done immediately and personally
Important tasks and not urgent tasks: In the second place, you should perform these tasks
Not important tasks and urgent tasks:  You can delegate these tasks to someone
Not important and not urgent: You can set aside these tasks

You should also think about how long it should take you to complete your tasks. First finish your daily tasks and then get started on your weekly tasks and so on and so forth. If you have enough time, do tomorrow’s tasks today.

Before setting goals and identifying tasks, you should think about their costs, repercussions, and influence on your financial future, and act accordingly.
Create your own schedule and work according to it and make sure that you are organized and disciplined.

However, you should be flexible and be ready to change your plans if something more important comes up.

Experts advise crossing off tasks after finishing them, especially daily ones. This way you will be more satisfied and will be able to see the results of your daily work.

3. The implementation of your tasks and goals

  • Concentrate on one task at a time.
  • Multi-tasking won’t make you more productive or successful. According to the research, if you switch tasks more than 10 times a day, your IQ decreases, and this has an especially negative impact on men.
  • Don’t forget to take breaks. Every 60-90 minutes you should relax, snack, go outside, or even to close your eyes for a few minutes. Breaks will increase your efficiency and improve the quality of your work. You will come back to work with renewed energy.
  • You should also break large projects into small tasks. That way you won’t feel so overwhelmed when you are trying to tackle something big. If you work with other people and you have to do something big, break it up into little pieces and delegate to get things done faster.

In this time of fancy technology, you can use plenty of apps on your phone, table, or computer to manage your time and to simplify your work to complete tasks quicker and better.

Many people use time management and productivity tools and apps to facilitate their work.

5 Time Management iPhone Applications:
Wunderlist, Evernote, Mindnode, Things, Checklist Wrangler

8 Time Management iPad Applications:
WritePad, Todo, PaperDesk, Bento, abc Notes, Things, Todo Queue.

These days it is very important to learn how to manage time because your business or work is influenced by these skills. Nowadays, you can take advantage of modern technology, time management tools, and apps to help you with your business or work and to be more productive.

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If you are struggling to keep ahead with all your work and you find that feeling stressed has become more familiar than feeling organized, you may need to learn some time management skills first. Have a look at ‘The Entrepreneur’s Guide to Time Management’ and learn how to manage your time effectively.

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