New Year, new goals, and new possibilities.  The beginning of the year is the best time to take new steps toward success and financial stability. A vast majority of people decide to start a new life as the New Year begins and especially to improve their financial situation and productivity.

If you want to build a successful business or get a better job, follow these tips to help you to be more productive this year:


  1. Prioritize your tasks. There are urgent tasks and things that can be postponed, so prioritize your tasks according to importance and how much time they will take.
  2. Concentrate on one thing at a time. If you rush from one task to another, you won’t do anything well.   According to research, when you switch tasks more than 10 times a day, your IQ declines and it three times more of an impact on men than on women.
  3. Focus your attention and get rid of distractions. To avoid temptation, it can be best to turn off your phone and Internet to concentrate on the specific task.
  4. If you have to do something big, break it up into little pieces. Impossible task becomes easy this way.
  5. Create your own agenda. Don’t let something else set your day.
  6. Take a break while working. The brain consumes a large amount of glucose-, so after 60-90 minutes you need to relax, take a quick bite, go outside, close your eyes, or look away. Working in intervals contributes to your productivity.  You will work harder after you have rested.
  7. Make decisions deliberately. Think about consequences, costs and the effect your decisions will have on your financial future. This is the kind of stuff that can take your business to the next level.
  8. Work on your own schedule. Planning is a big part of productivity because it will keep you organized. The right planning is the key to success.
  9. Most companies, even large, use smartphone apps to facilitate the business. Actually, these apps like Spreadsheet, Yahoo Finance, etc. can increase the efficiency of your business. Importantly, you should choose a system of time management suitable for you.

The experts advise you to keep the business expenses separate from the personal finances; they are still interrelated for most people, especially for small business owners.  To help you separate the two, here are a few tips:

  1. Review your assets including investments, accounts, retirement funds, and life insurance. This is a very important step to identify your financial situation and to plan your next move.
  2.  Make a financial plan. Set goals for 2013 and estimate the costs of their implementation. You should be realistic and choose goals you can actually accomplish while taking into consideration your taxes and income. A new car, expensive trips, and fancy parties are alluring, but these things require a lot of money, so you should decide if they are affordable for you.
  3. Create a budget if you just don’t have one, and stick to it. Undoubtedly, it should contain your profits & expenses (taxes, utilities, transport costs) so you can compare them with your monthly spending. Budgeting is one of the great financial tools to keep you from wasting money because all your purchases are documented. You will have an excellent opportunity to control and manage your money.
  4. Start an emergency fund. No one is safe from surprises and unexpected expenses such as a serious illness or a car trouble. This fund is a financial necessity; otherwise, these events will negatively impact on your budget. Financial experts suggest that you put 10% of your income to an emergency fund.
  5. It is very important but also very difficult to pay down your debt.
  6. Despite the risk, start investing. Make investments correctly in different funds mixing low, medium and high level of the risk. Because of this risk, you should invest not more than 10% of your money.
  7. Many Americans won’t have enough money when they retire. Do not join them. Think about retirement now and start a retirement fund. You can’t get a loan for this fund.
  8. Save money for the future. Time passes quickly and very soon your children will apply for student loans, which is very difficult to repay. As to avoid this heavy burden, put money away for just these occasions.

If you follow these tips, you can make important financial resolutions that will provide you the wealth and success in the next year. In 2013 you have a matchless opportunity to improve your financial position, to set new goals, and look for the best financial strategies.

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