Guest Post -How Employee Monitoring Increases Productivity

Coworking spaces sound fun until you realize most of your team is not being completely productive due to constant distractions. Keeping your head in the game can be tough when there are people talking on the phone, having lunch, and chit-chatting around the office.
However, it doesn’t mean that moving into a private office will fix this problem. As Martina Andjelkovic, CEO of Snajka found out – a private office with open space can increase productivity issues.

Tackling Lack of Productivity with Monitoring

She quickly realized that their problems weren’t resolved, so she turned to gamification in order to try and tackle the lack of productivity.
Martina invented a ‘productivity marathon’ game and installed an employee monitoring software on everyone’s computer. Given that the employees tracker software analyses everyone’s daily activities, she decided to connect the analytics dashboard to a TV set so that each team member can see how they’re performing. To keep the spirits up, Martina declared a daily winner and a monthly MVP who would receive a symbolical gift card for being the top performer.

As she explains, what started as a game shortly became a part of their everyday routines. People still talk to each other and get distracted by trivial things, yet everyone gets back to their daily tasks quicker than before.

Why Employee Monitoring Increases Productivity?

Employee tracking, especially with publicly displayed results creates a state of deterrence. Each team member is aware that others can see how much time they’re spending on Facebook, or in idle mode. Consequently, none of them want to be judged or reattributed for their actions.
Knowing that everyone can see their results Snajka’s team members became more productive, even though most of them were just looking at their own names on the screen.

What is more, employees are now aware that they will either have tangible proof of great results to show at their next evaluation, or their managers will present them with bad scorecards.

Employees know they’ll get different rewards for their good results, so they try and achieve more than they did in the past.

What Can You Do to Increase Team Productivity?

Lack of focus and office distractions can cause serious performance issues. Tackling this challenge is not easy, but it is doable. One way to go about it is to follow Martina’s lead – link productivity with games to see outstanding results. By introducing an employee monitoring software to your company you could recreate Snajka’s outcome.

Keep in mind that employee computer monitoring software is not the only way to increase productivity around the office. You could let your employees telecommute from time to time, as studies have shown that relaxed employees produce the best result. Although, we do recommend you connect this option with remote employee monitoring tools.

Another option is to organize team building exercises regularly. These activities improve communication, trust, motivation, and creativity – all of which leads to higher productivity levels.


Next Steps

Now that you’ve seen an unconventional way to increase employee productivity, it’s time you sit down and think about your next steps. Think about daily activities your team performs, their communication, and all other factors affecting team productivity. It’s a great way to determine which productivity hack will be the most suitable for you.

Whether you decide to monitor employee computers or not – it’s totally up to you and your team’s dynamic. No two companies are the same, and what works for one team might not work for another one.
We certainly recommend you consult your employees as well before making any significant changes that could affect them.


Workpuls is an award-winning employee monitoring software suitable both for in-house and remote teams. It’s a simple, affordable tool, that makes it easier to track your employees’ productivity and improve your company’s processes.

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