How often does your mood change throughout the day? Perhaps you are in a good mood and then you walk into the bank and see the long queue ahead, immediately you start to panic, stress about your time and your mood changes. How about when you are walking past a restaurant and you hear your favorite song playing and you immediately feel better? This happens to use all the time, whether we are aware of it or not. Our moods and state of mind changes depending on the stimulus.

When outside factors influence the way you feel in a negative manner, what can you do? Every heard of Anchoring? Anchoring is a common term used in Neuro-Linguistic Programming and it is a tool that is used very successfully to achieve goals in areas such as sports and business and you can even use it to improve your productivity!  If you learn how the techniques of anchoring, you can change your mood easily and when you really need to!

How does it work?

When your mind associates with stimulus, your memory recalls or changes it state. You may not be aware of the triggers.  Your subconscious mind associates everything around you with feelings, good or bad, etc. Think about when you revisit your old school, there are so many powerful memories and depending on your anchoring, you will feel positive or negative.

The good news is that you can create anchors in your life to help you when you need to change your emotions!  It can also be very helpful when you have phobias, to uncover the trigger and create a positive anchor. Imagine being able to immediately create a feeling of calmness when needed, or self-confidence when you are not feeling good. You can create anchors that motivate you when you need it most too!

Let’s look at an example of how it works: one might sing the national anthem, create certain feelings in our body, and look at the flag. Over time by just looking at the flag, you can automatically trigger those feelings. 

Steps to create your anchor 

  1. Think about the strong mental or emotional state you want to create. The stronger the feeling/emotion, the better.
  2. Think about the anchor you are going to use – examples are:
    – verbal phrases, physical touches or sensations to certain sights and sounds, or even internally, such as words one says to oneself, or memories and emotional states.
    Examples could be physical items, carrying pendant, a special stone. Landscapes can be used for being relaxed.
    Physical touches work great, like touching yourself on the hand, making a circle with a second finger and the thumb for example.
    How you dress can even be your anchor to feeling good.
  3. Think about a specific time in the past when you felt this positive emotion. Use a memory that doesn’t have many emotions attached.
  4. Now you need to establish an anchor and then activate it. You need to produce the stimuli when the resourceful state is experienced so that it is connected to the anchor.
  5. Think about the time in the past now,  as you feel the feeling, make it stronger and stronger. Using a physical touch as an anchor, tighten your fist, press your thumb and finger together and touch your knuckle. This is your anchor. Hold it for a couple of seconds and release.
  6. Repeat this experience a few times, this will help you to re-associate and restore the mental and emotional state. You can revisit the same positive experience or another one with equally strong, positive feelings.
  7. Break concentration and think about something else for a moment.
  8. Test it again by ¨activating your anchor¨ by touching your knuckle or wherever else you did to set the anchor.By triggering the physical anchor, you will automatically experience feelings you have linked to it.

Repeat and practice!!

To ensure Success
The feeling must be specific otherwise the subject will not begin to sensitize to it.
To avoid desensitization, have a break between each repeat. Always anchor to a unique, specific and prompt reaction, only one.

So get creative and become more productive by creating emotions of high energy and focus throughout your day.

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