Before everything else, getting ready is the secret of success!
– Henry Ford

Are you unable to identify what is keeping you back or what is stopping you from achieving that success you so desire? Perhaps you are doing everything that you feel needs to be done to succeed but you are not seeing the results and you can´t seem to understand why. Research has shown that 80% of the reasons holding us back from achieving what we want are internal and a only a mere 20% are external. Spend more time looking inside you and stop looking around you. Perhaps you are doing exactly that which is making it harder for you. Below I´ve briefly gone through a few concepts to consider:

Cause and Effect

Are you on the cause side or the effect side of life? In other words, are you at the cause and do you take action and responsibility for what happens to you in your life, your work, etc? Are you on the effect side and do you have a million reasons for why something went wrong, often feeling like the victim in life? Your business is a reflection of your past habits, action and inaction, you need to take responsibility for your results. Decide to be in charge of your business success, and not at the mercy of what happens to you. Take charge of creating your life and your results and you will feel more empowered and motivated to obtain those results.  You understand that you make a difference in your life, with every choice you make.

Your attitude towards failure
How is your attitude towards the events that happen in your life, your experiences, your mistakes, etc? Are you generally more optimistic or pessimistic about life? Over the years we have come to believe that failure is bad and making mistakes is detrimental to your success, you must avoid this from happening at all costs. You were never told to use failure as feedback though, to take failure as feedback that is guiding us to success. If you have a positive attitude towards a perceived failure, you are looking at the same situation but very differently to a negative attitude. You are able to let go of the negative emotion and use this experience as an opportunity to learn, to change what you are doing to get a better result. Failure helps us to find the best ways to success, so cultivate the habit of using failure as feedback. Stop focusing on the negative!
Ask yourself, what have i learnt from this experience? What has been the positive in this?

What are you focused on
What do you focus on most of the day? Are you focusing on things that you can´t change and the things you don´t like, or do you focus on what you can do and what you can change? You need to keep moving forward and change what you can and stop focusing on what you don’t want and what you can´t do anything about. Your focus determines your reality so keep focusing on succeeding and not on what you can´t control. Sometimes we cant do anything about what happens to us, however, it is how you deal with what happened that matters the most.

Break bad habits
What habits do you do that you know are not good for you? Which habits have a very negative impact on your life? What do you need to change to achieve the results you want? Bad habits hold you back from success and if you don’t change them, you keep reinforcing them. Take time to become aware of what they are, find the strength to change them, partner with someone to help you overcome this challenge if you can, having support always increases your chances of success.

How organized are you?
Your state of mind reflects directly on your outside world. Are you clear about your vision, where you are going and what you need to do to get there? Do you feel organized and certain about your success or is your mind uncertain, are you full of doubt and do you feel confused at times? You must be clear about what you are doing and why you are doing it, otherwise you will most likely feel like your wandering aimlessly from one task to the next but never really moving forward.

It is so important to not only believe in yourself and have a high self esteem but to believe in other people too. Anchor positive feelings and thoughts and change the thoughts that are not serving you. The way you see the world, the beliefs you have about everything and everyone, plays a bigger part in the results you get than you know.

To your success!

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