Do you struggle to get yourself up and out in the mornings? Do you find that your mornings are the most difficult part of the day? Most of us do. What most people decide to do in the mornings, most often make their mornings more difficult than they really need to be, ironic I know. Yes, sometimes you are your own worst enemy!

When you work for yourself, making your mornings productive is a huge challenge for many, especially when you dictate your own hours. Once you get out of bed, what you decide to do next, largely influences how your day goes; it most often sets the tone for the day. If you rush around like a headless chicken, because you woke up late, can you imagine the state you are in when you ready to start work? When your morning starts off badly, it seems like this sets something in action to ensure that the rest of your day either gets worse, first this happens, then that! What would your ideal morning look like?

I strongly believe that it is important to become aware of your behaviour and habits in the morning, because most of the time they are on automatic, so you are not making conscious decisions, you just do. You have a huge influence over your day and it would be silly not to take advantage of this.

Here are some simple but effective ways to start your day off

You want to feel energetic and alive, not half dead…..

• Drink a glass of hot water with lemon when you wake up, before anything else. Besides boosting your immune system and giving you energy, there are other huge benefits to lemon water.
• Have a cold/warm shower, not a hot one, as a hot shower actually makes you sleepier.
• Eat breakfast if you can, if you seriously can’t, don’t snack on coffee and donuts, get a yoghurt and fruit and take that to work.

You want to be in a good mood, focused and excited for the day……

• Take time to dress well and be presentable. Taking care of your appearance is related to your self esteem, which affects your job performance
• Think about all the things you have to be grateful for, this will put you in an immediate state of feeling good and you will temporary forget all your ‘troubles’. Remember, what you focus on expands!
• Think about how you want your day to go, briefly play it over in your head and decide what you want to have achieved by the end of the day and what steps you need to take
• If you enjoy listening to music and you won’t disturb others, music is an excellent way to lift our moods instantly

You don’t want to feel stressed and rushed…..
• If you rush every morning, seriously, do yourself and everyone else a favor and wake up 5/10 minutes earlier to get things done.

You will feel more productive, positive and your mornings might even become the best part of your day. How much of an influence do you think your routine has on you? I think until you take new actions and try different things, you will not know.

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